The 8 Best Wireless Router Reviews

A typical evening at home today involves the family using wireless routers to perhaps catch up on the latest Netflix series, gaming, watching movies or uploading vacation photos on Flickr. Wireless routers are central devices of a home network connecting computers, laptops, printers, tablets, phones and other devices.

Not only do the best wireless routers provide wireless internet access for different devices, it’s also used for sharing files and streaming media between devices and for printing to a central device from any device. Though Ethernet connections are more secure and faster, wireless routers are a better option if you use devices moving around your house.

best wireless router reviews

Compare List 8 Best Wireless Router

NETGEAR Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band (R8000) – Best wireless router for gaming

Fed up of interruptions while downloading your favorite and latest movies? Need a stable Wi-Fi connection for all the devices you use at home? If these are your problems, then the Netgear Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Tri-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi Router (R8000) might be just what you are looking for.

Made in China, this Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 router offers breakthrough Tri-band Wi-Fi with multiple bands best meant for homes with maximum speed and range. Gaming, streaming and downloading of mega-sized files is so much faster and continuous without any lags because of its Smart Connect feature.


  • Uninterrupted streaming with its fast combined 3.2Gbps Wi-Fi speed
  • Maximum range assured at home through its six high performance antennas and amplifiers.
  • Automatic backup for Windows PC to a connected USB storage device through free ReadySHARE.
  • Smart Connect selects the best Wi-Fi for each device using dynamic QoS bandwidth prioritization
  • Optimal performance with its 1GHz dual core processor and 3 offload processors
  • USB 3.0 port provides for high-speed storage access
  • Both Wi-Fi networks are used through its load balancing feature
  • NETGEAR genie app provides for remote monitoring, control and repair your home network


  • Poor and disorganized customer support
  • Both wireless and wired devices cannot see each other on the network after using for some time
  • While rebooting does solve problems, it’s usually a temporary fix as all problems reappear within 48 hours of rebooting

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R7000)

Looking for best wireless router for gaming? Want to have remote access to your home network while you are away? Then the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wi-Fi Gigabit Router (R7000) is worth a look.

With speeds up to 1900 Mbps and a strong dual core 1GHz processor the Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 lets you enjoy the fastest Wi-Fi presently available. This router is made in china and is designed to provide for maximum Wi-Fi availability, scalability and flexibility for its price.


  • Easy upgrading of your Wi-Fi through its’ easy and automatic installation of Netgear router and internet provider
  • Improved range and performance with its Beamforming+
  • Extended Wi-Fi coverage through high powered amplifiers and antennas
  • 5 Ethernet ports and 2 USB ports
  • Remote access through Netgear genie helps you manage your home network and block Wi-Fi devices, manage parental controls and set up guest Wi-Fi while you are away
  • Comes with 3 detachable antennas, power adapter, Ethernet cable, quick install guide and Nighthawk AC1900
  • Smart Wi-Fi router
  • Enjoy the best gaming and video streaming experience with upstream and downstream QoS
  • Stream your favourite music and videos using a prioritized bandwidth


  • The dual band wireless router stays connected to internet for no longer than 2-3 days
  • Poor networking experience for its many features and high price tag
  • Poor customers support from Netgear
  • Most users lose connectivity to wireless printers and other wired devices. While rebooting does solve the problem, it reappears within 48 hours of rebooting.

TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

The TP-LINK Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router is the perfect router for your home if you are a gaming or movie freak. It lets you enjoy gaming and watching movies online without any interruptions.

Its installation process is simplified with its Easy Setup Assistant offering multi-language support. With its four Gigabit Ethernet ports, connecting devices directly to the tp link wireless router is rather easy. Sharing files and media across the network is also rather simple with its dual USB ports.


  • Provides a total of 1.75Gbps bandwidth with 450Mbps at 2.4GHz and 1300 Mbps at 5GHzOffers the industry’s highest 2-year warranty and unlimited technical support
  • It’s possible to manage bandwidth of individual connected devices to the router with its IP-based Bandwidth
  • Control
  • Uninterrupted gaming and watching movies online
  • Reliable Wi-Fi access through your home with Archer’s C7 three powerful dual band antennas to enjoy your
  • Wi-Fi access from anywhere in your home
  • Is compatible with both existing 802.11 a/b/g devices and future 802.11ac Wi-Fi devices
  • WPS button provides for easy one-touch WPA wireless security encryption
  • Guest Network Access ensures privacy by providing secure Wi-Fi access for guests using your network
  • Simultaneous dual band connections let you handle simple tasks like sending emails by its 2.4GHz band while bandwidth intensive tasks like gaming or HD video streaming is processed by 5GHz band simultaneously


  • Some users complain that the 5GHz signal drops completely in some parts of their homes while 2.4GHz signal was weak and not great
    Poor streaming experience as there’s lots of stuttering and buffering


 Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Gigabit Router

Fed up of your slow internet connection? With the Linksys WRT1900ACS Dual-Band Smart Wi-Fi Gigabit Router you can bring some unparalleled Wi-Fi performance into your home. Its unique four external antenna configurations and powerful 1.6GHz dual-core processor with 512MB memory helps eliminate dead spots in multi-story buildings.

This Linksys wireless router lets multiple users’ stream movies, game online and quickly transfer files without any lagging interruptions. with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the router also provides connectivity to wired devices through 2 USB ports.


  • Beam forming technology lets the router strengthen wireless signals to devices instead of just sending Wi-Fi in a general direction.
  • The Linksys router provides quicker network speeds, powerful Wi-Fi connections and better wireless range.
  • 4 external, high-performance and adjustable antennas ensure the best Wi-Fi signal strength in small offices and multilevel houses
  • Its free Smart Wi-Fi App offers a suite of Wi-Fi customization tools to set parental controls, get real-time information of your home, send guests Wi-Fi passwords and prioritize devices.
  • Promotes simultaneous online gaming, file transfers and movie streaming without any lagging or buffering
  • Along with the Linksys WRT1900AC router you get 4 external dual-band detachable antennas, CD-ROM with documentation, Ethernet Cable, Power Cord, Power Adapter and Quick Start Guide.
  • Wireless repeater and bridge mode gives a more powerful wireless signal.
  • Optimal range and speed when the router works and runs properly


  • Inconsistent signal strength perhaps due to buggy firmware
  • CD’s setup program not very useful

ASUS (RT-AC68U) Wireless-AC1900 Dual-Band Gigabit Router

With ASUS famous for its optimal Wi-Fi range, security, capabilities, reliability, file upload and download speed and other features, it’s no wonder their wireless AC1900 dual-band gigabit router easily rivals wired Gigabit connections.

It’s dual-core processor removes the performance drops common with routers of busy networks to provide for concurrent smooth 4kvideo streaming, ultra-fast downloading and low latency online gaming. While its USB ports let you share files, use a printer and connects to a 3G/4G modem, its AiProtection provides for a safe and sound digital playground.


  • A dual core processor reduces the chances of any performance drops to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity
  • Sleek looking design
  • Powerful wireless connectivity with 802.11ac beamforming+ technology through extended coverage, enhanced stability and dynamic data speed hikes.
  • Complete Network Security through its AiProtection feature by preventing transmission of personal data from infected devices and blocking malicious sites.
  • Comes with a power adapter, quick start guide, RJ-45 Ethernet cable and support CD
  • RT-AC68U feature provides access to both the 3-step web-based installation process and other advanced options.


Frequent drop in its 5ghz connection
Very weak range perhaps due to the presence of various firmware bugs
Many complain of connection and speed problems with devices which worked perfectly well with other routers
Requires frequent power cycling
No DD-WRT support as advertised on ASUS website

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (24×8)

Movie buffs will especially love this wireless router, the NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 (24×8) Wi-Fi cable modem router (C7000) DOCSIS 3.0. as the name suggests, it’s a cable modem with Wi-Fi router which delivers up to 960Mbps modem speed so that you enjoy uninterrupted HD video treatment.

As this best buy wireless router is certified to work with cable internet providers you can save about $120 a year by eliminating your monthly cable modem rental fees. With its 24×8 channel bonding you can experience a maximum of 960 Mbps download speeds.


  • Your entire home is assured of HD coverage with this Netgear wireless router Beamforming+ feature
  • Save money as you no longer need to pay monthly cable charges
  • Cable modem and Wi-Fi router combination delivers a maximum of 960Mbps modem speed even in peak hours
  • DLNA server helps you find and play stored media on game consoles and TVs while USB port lets you access and share stored media
  • Set up with Xfinity and Comcast within 5-10 minutes through their activation site


  • Some complain the router is large in size
  • No informative indicator lights which change colours to indicate bonded channels
  • Short warranty of 90 days for phone and 1 year for equipment does not support product quality
  • Expensive as you need a few years to recover the rental costs you’d have paid
  • As Genie software is not updated, many features found on regular routers are missing
  • No individual passwords or usernames for USB share access.
  • Some screens exhibit a very slow user interface

 ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-AC3100

The ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-AC3100 Gigabit Router (RT-AC88U) gives your internet connection the speed and safety you need. Its 1024-QAM technology gives you an 80% faster 5GHz for a maximum of 2100 Mbps and a 66% faster 2.4GHz for a maximum of 1000 Mbps.

The ASUS wireless router’s powerful 1.4GHz dual-core processor offers faster USB data transfers at a maximum of 100MB/s speed and a maximum router download/upload speed of 1.8Gbps. with its 8 x Gigabit LAN ports you are assured simultaneous connection to eight Ethernet compatible devices.


  • Safe and secure online experience with ASUS AiProtection through parental controls, blocking malicious sites and automatic detection of any vulnerability
  • Lots of connectivity options as its 8 x Gigabit LAN ports provides a simultaneous connection to 8 Ethernet compatible devices
  • 4 transmits and 4 receives antenna design assure 33% greater 2.4GHz coverage over a maximum of 5000sq. Ft.
  • Fast and stable connectivity to all Wi-Fi devices via the best available band through Smart Connect
  • Backed by ASUS highest customer satisfaction standards in US
  • Great, superior exterior design


  • Many consumers complain the ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-AC3100 Gigabit router doesn’t offer the DD-WRT support advertised on their site
  • The presence of many firmware bugs leads to an underwhelming range
  • Devices which worked flawlessly with other routers seem to have connectivity and speed issues which are temporarily fixed by power cycling.
  • GUI not up to the mark

NETGEAR AC1750 (16×4) Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router (C6300)

With a NETGEAR AC1750 (16×4) Wi-Fi cable modem router (C6300) DOCSIS unit at home you no longer need separate modems and routers. This cable modem wireless router is certified to work with all major cable internet providers and is necessary to reap the fastest internet speed tiers XFINITY offers from Comcast.

This wireless modem router provides the fastest cable speed available with a maximum of 680 Mbps download speeds to enjoy faster downloading, high speed gaming and HD video streaming. The presence of simultaneous dual band provides better Wi-Fi connections through reduced interference.


  • Supports 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels for efficient and reliable internet access
  • A modem and router combo certified to work with major cable providers and necessary for fastest internet speed tiers.
  • Save on your monthly cable subscription fees
  • Not only are Wi-Fi connections secure, this modem router offers parental controls and safe guest network access
  • Better Wi-Fi connections as its simultaneous Dual Band reduces interference
  • Upton 16 times faster download speeds of 680 Mbps
  • ReadySHARE USB access provides for wireless access and sharing of USB hard drives while the DLNA permits finding and playing of media
  • NETGEAR genie parental control filters websites across all connected devices
  • Ultra fast file transfer across network devices
  • Supports 802.11ac
  • Connects with Comcast and Affinity within 5-10 minutes through their activation site


  • Short warranty does not indicate the company has confidence in their products
  • Very slow web interface
  • No changing indicator lights
  • Genie software not updated
  • A bit on the expensive side

What is a wireless router?

As mentioned above, wireless routers connect devices in a network without devices to make it easy creating and maintaining a network. It is the Wi-Fi adapters which pick up Wi-Fi signals of wireless routers which in turn lets devices connect to the internet, share files and do more.

Transfer standards determine how fast routers transfer data and have improved with each wireless router generation. The higher the transfer speed, the quicker files are downloaded. So you need to look for the highest transfer standard for the fastest wireless router. If you are not particular about speed, you can select an older slower model and save money.

Essential features

Different wireless routers have different features and benefits where the most basic networks offer simplistic options while multi-function routers meet the demands of sophisticated users. However not everyone needs expensive features which is why you need to understand the important features to buy the best wireless router for home.

Ethernet ports
Ethernet ports are useful for gamers and people who regularly use large amounts of bandwidth at a time as it transfers large data amounts faster than most wireless connections. They connect the computer to the router through an Ethernet cable.

USB ports
Routers have USB ports for various uses. They mainly help at connecting the router to an external hard drive, flash drive or even a USB printer if the router has a built-in print server. However the better routers let you lug in a USB mass-storage device for increased network-attached storage functionality. In addition to all this, a large USB hard drive in your router and all devices on your network gives you access to the storage resource, just like having a cheap server.

Speed ratings
Speed ratings define how quickly the router transfers data where the higher is the rating, the faster its transfer speeds. Transfer speed ratings are maximum speed a router can reach in perfect conditions which may at times slow down because of some interferences.

As some users don’t need high transfer speeds like 500 Mbps, you need to check this before buying your wireless router as the faster is the transfer data, the more expensive the router may be.

Look for secure wireless networks as improper security can make it easy for hackers to steal important data like bank and credit card information. With wireless routers maintaining a constant internet connection, they face the risk of intrusions from any part of the world.

Different protocols ensure a wireless router’s security like WEP which is a security protocol with a password which grants network access and WPA is its upgraded version. WPA uses an encryption key so that it’s even more difficult for hackers to gain access.

WPA2 is even more complex version of WPA encryption mechanisms. Wireless routers usually come with WPA security protocols and WPA2 is used when security is very important.

Guest networking
Businesses offering free Wi-Fi access benefit with a wireless router offering guest networking. This feature lets users create two networks which are simultaneously available. They can choose between having one network open to public and the other password protected and has some portions of the data public and other portions, private.

Buying guide

With so many top wireless routers it is natural that you wonder what is the best wireless router in the market for your individual needs. Moreover, while wireless networks are convenient, they are insecure, especially if you don’t take the necessary steps to secure it.

Without securing it, anyone within hearing range can eavesdrop on your online activities, use your internet connection, access all the files and data in your computer, infect your systems with viruses and so many other similar problems. So here is a buying guide for people considering a wireless router best buy and those going in for an upgrade.

Buy a router which supports at least WPA2. Along with the router, all devices in the network should also support WPA2 for optimal security as your network remains as secure as the least-secured device connected to it.

While WPA is acceptable, it isn’t ideal and it’s not advisable to rely on WEP as it can be easily cracked by anyone using tools downloadable online. Once you router is secured with a password using WPA2 encryption, you usually have to enter the password into each wireless device you use on the network only once as the device remembers it afterwards.

If you are looking for optimal security if you live in an apartment building or crowded urban area, there are some wireless internet routers designed with business or advanced family security in mind.

They thus have additional features like the ability of blocking unwanted users from the network, the ability of adding extra encryption, monitor devices and even let you see what other people are browsing.

If you have frequent guests over or are an AirBNB host and are not keen on divulging your security password to the guests, its better you choose a router with a guest network. This way you can provide your guests with online access without the risk of disclosing your regular security password.

If you love playing with your computer settings, then you need to look for the feature Quality of Service or Traffic Control or Media Prioritization in the router. With this feature, you are at liberty of optimizing the router’s performance based on what you want to do at a given time. This means you can set the settings for optimal performance while streaming videos, making Skype calls, streaming music or playing games.

By changing settings as per your requirements, the specific application gets more of the bandwidth. It thus assures your Netflix movie doesn’t pause or rebuffed just because someone is downloading a large file in your house. So while it doesn’t increase your network’s bandwidth or speedup your internet access, Quality of Service does make the best use of available online resources.

Choose the right network standard

The latest network standard is 802.11ac which exists in the newest wireless routers. This means the router supports Gigabit speeds, which is much faster than previous 600Mbps limits. These routers offer 1300Mbps of bandwidth even at base level, which is more than twice the speed of the previous maxim standard of 802.11n. ‘Ac’ is backwards compatible with older devices and as they are growing more affordable, they will soon become commonplace. .

So though you may not have devices which benefit from the speed, you may in the future. There are not many devices around today which don’t support 802.11ac and if you choose a router offering 802.11ac now, you needn’t go through the hassles of changing or upgrading the router again next year again.

However in case your Smartphone supports only 802.11, you won’t experience much of an upped boost on the phone if you buy an 802.11ac router. So if none of your devices support 802.11 ac, the older and less expensive routers may be a better choice for you. However 802.11ac routers easily handle more concurrent connections which are so much important today as there are so many devices using your Wi-Fi network.

Buy from a retailer who permits returns

With so many brands of 802.11ac routers in the market, you may have to test a few out before you finally decide on the best router for your internet needs. This is because even the best routers may vary in its results when you use it as each person’s operating environment is unique based on your home specifies and the devices you use. In fact, even your ISP can affect its performance.

For example one router with great reviews may work well for all devices at home but your Xbox may not work with the same consistency. Some devices may deliver strong Wi-Fi signals at home but not to the depth of your backyard which you may not fancy if you love listening to streaming music in the porch.

This means that though wireless router reviews may help narrow down your wireless router choices based on your needs, you may not get the same experience as mentioned in the reviews. So it’s better to buy from a retailer who will let you return the router and exchange it for another one if required. This way if the first router you choose isn’t perfect, you can exchange it for another remodel till you find the perfect model for your home Wi-Fi network.


Before you go looking for your router, you should assess your house’s or apartment’s overall size, the building materials used in it and where the router will be placed. The router’s placement has a huge impact on your Wi-Fi network’s performance.

While it may not be that important if you have a one room apartment, you may want a router with speedy throughout capabilities. So choose routers which perform best in ‘near’ and ‘mid-range’ situations.

If you live in a large house with many rooms or more than one floor, look for a long range wireless router and which provides strong data throughout even at a distance. The router should preferably be placed in as central a location as possible, so choose routers which are excellent or very good for use in ‘far’ situations.

Your router’s performance may get affected by drywall, plaster and hollow doors. Even floors and uninsulated doors can lead to signal degradation. The biggest offenders are insulated floors and walls, aluminum studs found in modern apartments and office buildings, glass and solid brick and stone.

Generally, the more floors, walls and any kind of windows in its way, the worse the signal is. It’s generally better to place the router in the middle of your home for maximum Wi-Fi coverage. Leave it open and not stashed out of sight in a closet or the corner of the basement.

Dual or tri-band routers

While dual-band routers have been around for many years, many manufacturers today manufacture tri-band routers too. Dual-band means the router has two radios; one operating on 2.4GHz frequency and the other running on 5.0GHz frequency band.

You thus can set up two individual wireless networks to increase speeds in a crowded wireless networks. However do read the fine print as some dual-band routers have one radio which works on either the 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz bands but not both together.

In case of tri-band routers, there is a second 5.0GHz band which proves helpful if you have numerous mobile devices on a single network. You may thus have to spread them around three bands for improved data management and efficiency. However tri-band routers are rare as not many use them; if they are used, they are useful in a dorm or office but not that needed or useful in an ordinary house.

Smart wireless management

The worst problem for routers is interference as routers are useless if it doesn’t give acceptable wireless signals wherever required. The solution here is to use ‘smart’ processes which identify devices or dead zones and target them with Wi-Fi signals for continuous service. Some products encourage buying various routers which are linked to create a Wi-Fi web around your home to thus eliminate dead zones.

What’s important – price or performance?

The rates of routers change widely based on its available features, ports, antennas and much more. The best routers today cost between $100 to $250. Some smaller routers are cheaper than this and some larger routers, more expensive. There are also some decent routers costing $50 or less; but they don’t offer the latest or best features.

So it’s no point in buying cheaper routers to save money as they deliver sub-performance. While product reviews give you an idea about what to expect from routers, it’s only after setting one up at home will you be able to know and find out how the router will perform in your unique environment.


Choosing the best wireless routers is not so easy as there’s a huge wireless router range in the market. While some information is necessary to make a purchase, even going through wireless router reviews helps you choose the best home wireless router!

The 5 Best Baby Stroller Reviews

As a parent, your child is obviously the top priority and you do whatever possible to keep your baby safe and happy all the time. One of the many things you need to get your baby is a stroller. But you don’t just buy the first baby stroller that you see!

You need to buy one that’s easy to use and fold, one that fits the trunk of your car and of course, one that your baby is comfortable in. With so many types, models and baby stroller brands to choose from, you may need some help finding the best baby strollers. This guide should help you narrow down your search on baby strollers.

best baby stroller reviews

Which Baby Stroller is The Best?

1. Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame – Best Baby Stroller

If you have a Keyfit Infant Car Seat, all you need is the Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame and you can use it as a stroller. This stroller frame is designed exclusively to use with the Keyfit car seat which easily and securely clicks into it with Chicco’s click-in car seat attachment so there’s no chance of it falling off the caddy.

This lightweight stroller frame was designed for Cortina Travel System parents who want help travelling with their babies on busy days. The frame is made from aluminum and can be conveniently folded with one hand for storage and for transitioning from stroller to car.

It has a large and expandable basket to store not only your baby’s basic essentials like diapers, but can also easily carry about 4 full bags of groceries. The 4 position height adjustable handle proves very helpful at making life so much simpler for you in the most difficult baby’s first few months.

Its all-wheel suspension ensures a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby while its toe tap locking brakes for convenient braking while in motion. The parent tray comes with two cup holders.


  • All-wheel suspension system
  • Ultra light anodized, sturdy aluminum frame which is easily set up and folded with one hand
  • Designed to fit the Chicco Keyfit infant car seat with an audible click ensuring it’s securely attached
  • Push handle can be adjusted to 4 positions
  • Parent tray comes with two cup holders
  • Locking brakes work on a toe-tapping mechanism
  • Extra large expandable storage basket


  • A bit expensive
  • Not meant for use on rough terrains only for everyday use

2. Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect – Best Single Baby Stroller

The Graco Roomfor2 Click Connect Stand and Ride Stroller is ideal to use while running errands and going walking with your two children. This is a foldable tandem stroller with front and rear seats which individually accommodates 50 pounds.

While the front seat can be reclined to various positions including a fully flat position for napping, the rear seat is a padded bench seat, perfect for your older child to sit or stand on. The Graco Roomfor2 securely latches with most Graco and Click Connect infant car seats atop the front seat.

The front seat has a 3-to-5 point harness for your growing child’s safety while the back seat has a 3-point harness. Your child has riding handles to hold on to for stability while standing on the rear platform.

The front wheels swivel and have built-in suspension for easy maneuverability and can be locked in for stability while strolling over uneven terrain. The tandem stroller has a parent tray with two cup holders and storage space for keys and wallet. The front seat has a child tray to hold your baby’s bottles, snacks and cups and pivots to easily lift your child in and out the seat.


  • Compatible with all Graco and Click Connect infant car seats
  • Padded rear seat for child to stand or sit on
  • Carries 2 children weighing 50 pounds each
  • Front seat reclines to multiple positions
  • Easily folded with one hand
  • Has a parent and child’s tray and a sturdy, large storage basket
  • Removable and washable seat cushions


  • Not that strong construction and tends to twist while going over bumps
  • Front seat has to be reclined to lock in wherein there’s no room for sitting on the back seat

3. BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is perfect for use anywhere, the zoo and beach, for zipping through crowded streets and traversing tight corners. Its revolutionary swiveling front wheel can be locked in place for increased stability while jogging or while traversing tough terrains.

The BOB is lightweight and easy-to-fold to compact size to store and carry wherever you go. Its suspension system provides your child a smooth ride and if your child is too small for the seat, its accessory adaptor (sold separately) secures a BOB infant car seat, and even a snack tray for use when older.

The stroller is 3-wheeled with two a swiveling front wheel and two wide and sturdy rear wheels. The seat comes with a five-point padded harness and fasteners which are easily pulled to tighten and secure your child.

The reclining seat tilts back to 70 degrees from vertical for your sleeping baby. While its canopy protects against the elements, you can keep an eye on your baby through its large viewing window.


  • 2 interior pockets, a back-seat pocket and a hanging basket provide for convenient storage
  • Rear wheel brake system is easily engaged with foot
  • Swiveling front wheel offers maximum maneuverability and locks for increased stability
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble and fold
  • Adjustable suspension system ensures a smooth ride
  • 5-point padded harness protects your child
  • Ultra padded reclining seat
  • Easy to clean, durable and stain-resistant fabric available in various colors
  • 5 year warranty on frame and limited 1 year warranty on small parts and fabric


  • Not comfortable for 5 and 6 year olds
  • Snack tray and cup holder not included
  • Heavy duty but difficult to transport

4. Chicco C6 Stroller (Best Baby Striller Under $100)

Your child is your life, and you seek to protect it at all times. This is what the Chicco C6 Stroller does; protect your child well from the weather. It comes with a rounder and roomier canopy which can be adjusted as required to offer maximum protection to your child from the weather.

You are assured your baby is safe and satisfied while in the Chicco with its padded 5-point harness and seat which can be easily reclined to various positions. The Chicco stroller is easy for anyone to use as it’s lightweight at only 11 pounds. The handles are also easy and comfortable to use wherever required.

It’s all-wheel suspension and front wheel which has swivel locks ensure you can take your stroller anywhere you want. It can be locked for added stability while jogging and on rough terrain while it’s front wheel provides for easy maneuverability. It’s stylish carry bag and it’s carry strap makes it so easy to transport and store the Chicco C6 stroller.


  • Aluminum, lightweight frame that weighs only 11 pounds
  • Adjustable and removable rounder and roomier canopy
  • Front wheel swivel locks and all wheel suspension ensures a comfortable ride for your baby
  • Safe and comfortable with its padded 5-point harness and multiple position reclining seat
  • Easy to transport with its stylish carry bag and strap


  • Have to keep on kicking the stroller because of its poorly positioned rear wheels
  • Difficult to fold and close as it’s lock button in the back is difficult to push
  • Harness straps baby in awkward positions
  • Useless canopy and storage
  • Doesn’t recline as promised

5. Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller, Black

If you are expecting your second child, the Joovy Caboose Graphite Stand On Tandem Stroller with a graphite colored steel frame is the perfect travel system to carry your toddler and newborn with you wherever you go.

This is the most compact and maneuverable double stroller which makes your toddler feel important and independent. They can choose to sit or stand and face backwards or forwards while riding on it. The stroller has a universal car seat adapter which fits most brands. The Caboose also has a tray and storage basket underneath and each seat can carry 45 pounds.

your older kid can ride on its built-in stand-on platform and if there’s only 2 years gap between them, there’s the optional Caboose Rear seat available separately which converts the rear bench seat into a front-facing reclining seat. It’s easy to install and uninstall and conveniently folds up.


  • Very easy to maneuver and compact in size
  • The elder child can sit or stand on the rear platform or bench seat
  • Comes with a Universal Car Seat Adaptor compatible with most major brands
  • Front seat can recline to 3 positions
  • Has a large sun canopy
  • Compatible with the Caboose Rear Seat to use if your older kid is too young to stand


  • No inbuilt parent tray
  • Handle bar is not ergonomically designed and is thus difficult to push
  • The handle is poorly designed and cannot fit any after-market parent organizer
  • Not easy to fold up with one hand
  • Too small storage basket with a small opening
  • Front foot rest does not click close after folding the stroller closed

Best baby stroller options for newborns to six months

You need to be careful travelling with a newborn as your baby develops total head and neck control only at the age of 6 months. So look for baby prams or strollers for toddlers which completely recline to support your infant. It’s better if you buy a newborn stroller that comes with a car seat or which is compatible to your existing infant car seat.

All-in-one travel system
Some parents choose an all-in-one travel system which has an infant car seat, a car seat base and a stroller. Though it’s a bit heavy and takes up more space than a stroller, you can use it without the infant seat snapped in once your baby sits up. Though travel systems are on the expensive side, they are worth the investment as you can use it even after your child outgrows the infant car seat.

Infant car seat carriers
It’s worth investing in an infant car seat carrier if you regularly take your 6 months to a year baby in and out a car as you can attach it to an infant car seat. You just have to remove the infant seat from its’ base and snap it onto the frame without disturbing your baby’s sleep. These carriers are light, cheap and handy if you have to take your baby along to the market or while travelling on the bus or train.

Stroller options for babies after 6 months
You will most probably be taking your baby along for longer walks and to more places once they start sitting up. This is when you need any of these strollers based on your budget and how and when you plan to use your stroller.

Different single strollers

Single traditional strollers
These are the most common and used baby girl strollers, or boy strollers, usually from birth to as long as needed. They may be called traditional, but they are maneuverable enough to use in various places like on trails, parks and even on busy sidewalks.

While some have fully declinable seats for infants, some are compatible with infant car seats and some have both. These strollers are durable, all-purpose strollers which spell a long-term stroller investment. As they are not portable and some may not accommodate infants less than six months, check for features you need as it differs in different models.

Single combination strollers
They are also called modular strollers which adapt to your growing child. Some have removable reclined seats, some accept infant car seats but need a separate car seat and adaptor to secure the seat to the stroller and some even have reversible seats so that the baby can see you pushing.

As these strollers carry up to 40 pounds and can be used from your baby’s first day, you may not need another stroller. They are expensive and not only need a separate car seat and adapter, but also may not have some accessories like rain cover and under-seat storage space.

Umbrella and lightweight strollers
These strollers are easy to fold and have curved umbrella-like handles. They are meant to us while travelling and many models with additional features are expensive. Some even have seats which recline completely while others accept car seats. They may not be comfortable for toddlers as some don’t have the required suspension and seat support while its small plastic wheels offer minimal maneuverability.

Baby travel system strollers
These are systems with an infant car seat, car seat base for your vehicle and a stroller. It lets you move your sleeping baby undisturbed from the car to stroller and vice versa. Some also have fully reclinable seats which can be adjusted to a comfortable position when your baby starts sitting. The only problem is that a stroller with car seat is rather bulky and while some are smooth and easy to push, there are cumbersome models!

Transformable car seat/stroller
This is the latest in strollers which is actually a car seat integrated with a stroller frame which folds under the seat to install the car seat to a vehicle base. It’s heavy to lift especially for new moms after C-section, and does not have a storage bag.

Car seat carrier strollers
This lightweight, cheap and compact frame has no seat but is compatible with infant seats of many brands, and lets you take your baby strolling in his car seat. The only drawback is that the frame is useless once your child outgrows the seat.

Types of double and specialty strollers

Double strollers are worthy investments if you have twins or two small kids aged less than 4. They are however available in the following configurations.

Double side-by-side strollers
This stroller has two seats attached to a single frame to resemble two strollers joint together. Its feature are similar to single passenger models and are easiest maneuvering children of the same height and weight. It negotiates curbs better than a tandem and if you have twins, look for a model where both seats recline.

While most accept infant car seats, some are limited to only one seat, which proves useful if you have a newborn and an older child. The drawback here is that the stroller can pull to a side if children of different weights sit on the seats, and the stroller takes up more space when folded than single-occupant versions. Some may not even fit through elevator openings and doorways.

Double/tandem strollers
These strollers have one seat behind the other and so have the same width as single-passenger strollers to easily fit through doorways. However only the back seat may recline in some models as the front seat space is limited by the rear child.

Some tandems can be adjusted so that the babies face each other while others have a ‘stadium seat’ where the child behind can see over the one in front. While these strollers take up less space when folded, steering is difficult and some models have minimal leg support.

Jogging or running strollers
Dedicated jogging strollers have three wheels with a fixed front wheel along with a hand brake, a foot-operated parking brake and large air-filled tires which make them easy to push. The latest models even have lockable swivel front wheels for easy maneuverability on smooth surfaces.

The stroller has high and long handlebars to prevent bumping into the stroller while jogging while a tethered strap prevents the stroller from rolling away if you fall or lose your grip. These strollers generally have a longer life than traditional strollers as they accommodate heavy children but it may not fit into your car trunk because of its size.

Tips for buying the best stroller

Now you know about the different types of strollers in the market, here is a buying guide to help you buy one based on its features.

Set your budget as there are strollers to fit any budget. While umbrella strollers are cheap strollers, other strollers can get expensive when bought new. Your search is narrowed, and made easier with a set budget in mind.

If you rely more on subways, buses and cabs for transportation, look for a lightweight boys or girls stroller which easily folds. If you frequently do long walks, sturdier strollers are a better choice but they are also heavy and challenging to carry up stairs and use in public transportation. If you use your car often, the stroller should fit into your back seat or trunk.

Five-point restraint system
This is the safest feature for most baby carriages as it secures your baby at the shoulders, waist and between legs to prevent her from falling or sliding out if the stroller tips or climbing out of the stroller when you aren’t looking. The buckles should be easy for you to use but difficult for small hands while straps should be adjustable and safely anchored.

Folding mechanism
It’s better buying a baby trolley with a one-hand fold so that you can easily fold it with your baby in hand. While all strollers are not one-hand operated, many can be easily and quickly opened and closed with two hands.

Canopies protect your baby from the sunlight and chilly weather. They are available in various sizes and coverage from skimpy ones to canopies which cover nearly the entire front of the stroller.

It should have proper ventilation through a mesh and it should be made of a material that keeps your child comfortable. Separate rain/wind shields, insect nesting and additional parasols which clip to the carriage are also available for most strollers.

Convertibles are strollers which can be converted into double strollers by adding a second seat. Some have a seat for the younger child and a bench seat for an older child while others can accommodate a second stroller seat on top of the bench. Some reconfigurable models are used in various combinations like two stroller seats facing forwards or backwards, one stroller and one car seat, two car seats, etc.

Shock absorbers and wheels
Strollers with larger wheels are easier to negotiate curbs and rough or uneven surfaces while strollers with a lockable front swivel wheel let you adapt to the terrain. While air-filled tires are more comfortable, they require more care.

Foam-filled tires however are comfortable and don’t need much maintenance. Avoid strollers with plastic wheels if you are looking for an easy to maneuver and push stroller. Many strollers have some suspension or shock absorbers near the wheel mechanism for a more comfortable ride.

It’s practical looking for a stroller with a stroller basket underneath strong enough to hold your purse or wallet and parcels, making errands easier. However make sure it’s accessible even when the stroller’s seatback is reclined or when your baby is in the stroller.

While cup holders for you and your child are a welcome feature, don’t use it for hot drinks. Strollers with parent trays come with a cup holder and compartments for cell phone, keys and other small items.

Your stroller should have good brakes and most strollers have foot-activated parking brakes. Some are linked or one-touch brakes which are activated by striking your foot on a bar behind the stroller frame. Others have pedals above each rear wheel and even new models with single-hand operated levers that activate both rear-wheel brakes.

Strollers usually have padded or cushioned handles while there are adjustable handlebars to adjust based on your height. There are strollers with flipping or reversible handles which swing over and lock into position so that your child’s direction is changed. However umbrella strollers usually have two separate handles which is why the stroller is difficult to manoeuvre.

Strollers are available in various fabrics and prints. Some have layered seat fabrics where a breathable mesh makes the seat base for convenient use in the hottest weather. You can then zip additional layers for warmth when the weather changes. Look for a fabric which is easy to clean based on laundry instructions. There are strollers with removable and washable covers without fear of it shrinking, puckering or fading.

Try it out
Don’t choose your stroller for baby based on its user manual; try it out before using. Even if you plan buying online, try the stroller at a retailer first.

Last, but not least, check the stroller warranty, certification and return policies. You may have to return the stroller for repairs so look for a retailer with a flexible or long-term return policy.

Make sure you keep the newborn pram’s packaging intact till you are happy with your ride. Certification from associations like Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association proves that the stroller is safe and has passed tests like tests for brakes, locking mechanisms and don’t have sharp edges and points dangerous to you or your child.


Now you should have some basic information about the types of strollers available and tips for buying the best strollers for your terrain and usage. You also know what features to look for in strollers. But do you know which stroller to actually buy? These comprehensive baby stroller reviews of a few of the more popular brands and models should help you out.

The 7 Best Fetal Doppler For Home Use Reviews

After the wedding, pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. The only thing pregnant women think about is their child, and how they can connect and build a bond with the baby.

One popular bonding method involves using the fetal Doppler wherein you can listen to your baby’s heart rate in the comfort of your home. Thought it is not medically necessary to have a heart rate monitor at home, pregnant women use it to feel closer, and build an early connection with their babies.

best fetal doppler for home use


Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic – Best Fetal Doppler

Listening to the sounds your baby makes is like music to a mommy’s ears!

Pregnant women consider listening to their baby’s sounds using the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic complete bliss. The fetal Doppler lets you listen to baby heartbeat, kicking and even hiccupping, which in turn helps develop a strong bonding with the baby.

It is safe to use, and as it is compact in shape, it can be easily carried around and used wherever required. The Womb Music Monitor by Wusic comes with a free personalized Lullaby Album which includes your child’s name in the lyrics.

Womb Music lets you listen to your baby using the two provided ear bud sets. Not only you, you can also share the listening pleasure and experience with other family members. You can also record the sounds you hear on Womb Music to your computer for a timeless keepsake you can share with your baby when older.

If needed, you can always share the recorded sounds to friends and family far away via Social Media. Another unique use of Womb Music is using it to record Mommy’s heartbeat so that it can be played and used later on to soothe your new-born baby. It’s best used after the 16th week of pregnancy with liberal lubricating gel.


  • Lets you listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks and hiccups
  • Helps develop a bond between mother and child
  • Safe, compact, lightweight and easy to carry and use
  • Comes with a personalized lullaby album with your child’s name in lyrics
  • Ultra-clear audio sound with easy on/off volume control
  • Perfect gift for new parents with its two ear bud sets for both to simultaneously listen to the heartbeats
  • Has an easy on/off switch with adjustable volume control and clear audio sound
  • Includes ear buds, computer recording cable, splitter and 9 volt battery


  • Some find it difficult finding the baby’s heart beat.
  • Some complain it’s not possible to record sounds
  • Difficult to detect heartbeat in slightly obese women

Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Medi-K

The Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Medi-K can help reduce some of the stress of pregnancy. One thing that most expectant mothers worry about is if their unborn baby is doing fine or not. You can now keep a check on your baby using this AngelSounds fetal Doppler to listen to your baby’s heartbeats and know everything is okay!

This is a 100% safe and non-invasive device you can use to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. It’s easy to use; you just have to touch it to your belly and you can start listening to the different sounds your baby makes like kicks, hiccups and heartbeat.

The sounds are very audible, and can even be recorded for future use to let your child listen to it, or to let your loved one living elsewhere listen to your baby’s heartbeat. This baby heartbeat listener come with 2 jack ports so that both father and mother can listen to the heartbeats simultaneously using 2 sets of headphones.


  • Safe, easy to use and non-invasive heartbeat listener
  • It’s sound amplification module and 2nd generation sound sensor lets you listen to heartbeats from the 14th week of pregnancy
  • Two audio ports to use with two sets of headphones for both father and mother
  • PC recording option lets anyone from anywhere listen to the heartbeats anytime possible
  • Get a full refund without questions if you are not satisfied with the unit
  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Includes 2 sets of headphones, 9V battery, PC recording cable and user manual


  • The accompanying battery is smaller than the slot
  • Headphones not the best quality

BundleTumble BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier – Best Pocket Fetal Doppler

With the BundleTumbleBabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier with Dual Listening Capacity at home, you no longer have to wait for the next doctor’s visit to check on your little bundle! All you need to do is switch on the amplifier and apply it’s wand to your stomach and you can relax listening to your baby’s heartbeat, knowing everything is fine.

There’s nothing more entertaining to a mother-to-be than to hear her baby’s hiccups, movements, heartbeats and even tiniest reassuring rhythms through the fetal Doppler. You can share the happiness with your partner as the unit comes with two headphone jacks so that you can both simultaneously listen to your baby’s sounds.

The clean and crisp audio of the heartbeat monitor can also be recorded using it’s recording cable recording, to listen to your baby’s sweet sounds later on or to share it with family and friends.

The BabyBlip is not only easy to use, but is also aesthetically designed and compact and portable to use wherever required. The unit consists of easy-to-operate controls and also comes with indicator lights.


  • Effectively monitors and amplifies baby’s hiccups, heartbeats and more
  • Comes with recording cable attachment to record sounds to listen and share with others
  • Has two headset sockets for both partners to simultaneously listen to baby’s sounds
  • Has easy to use controls and indicator lights


  • Some complain the unit isn’t sensitive enough to pick up a baby’s heartbeat
  • Some complain the unit doesn’t work at all.

Prenatal/Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Looking for the perfect gift for the expecting mother? The SnuggBugg Prenatal/Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor should make the perfect gift! This is a portable fetal Doppler which the pregnant mother can use to listen to her baby’s heartbeats, kicking and hiccups.

The SnuggBugg lets you listen to the baby’s heartbeat as early as the 16th week of pregnancy. The unit comes with two pair of earphones so that both mother and father can simultaneously listen to, and enjoy the pleasant sounds their baby produces.

The unit comes with a headphone splitter, an ultrasonic gel to use while using the Doppler, and has a micro-USB cable to connect to your computer and record everything heard. You can then listen to the recordings later on, or to share with your friends and family through the social media.

Unlike most other baby heartbeat monitors, the SnuggBugg donates apart of its profits to Camp Firefly, a summer camp meant for terminally or seriously ill children and their families. So you not only get to listen to the baby’s heartbeats with the Doppler, but also get to help other babies!


  • Lets you listen to your baby’s hiccups, heartbeat and kicks as early as 16th week of pregnancy
  • Comes with two pairs of earphones for simultaneous pleasure of baby sounds
  • Micro-USB cable can be connected to the computer to record sounds to share with family and friends
  • The unit offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the prenatal heartbeat monitor.
  • Donates a part of their profits to a summer camp for terminally and seriously ill children
  • Includes two headphones, monitor with 9v battery, ultrasonic listening gel, Micro-USB cable and headphone splitter


  • Difficult to listen to baby’s heartbeat when compared to other units
  • No screen to see the baby’s heart rate
  • No instructions to use through the computer
  • Only picks up the placenta pulse and not the baby’s heartbeat

FIGERM Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier with Headphone for Home Use

Make your pregnancy an even more beautiful phase of your life with the Figerm Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier with Headphone. This is an all-in-one set heartbeat listener which lets you listen to your baby’s sounds like kicks, heartbeats, hiccups and movements.

The Figerm is not only compact and easy to use; it is also lightweight and has a lovely heart design. it has a very high sensitivity audio level which is why it can pick up your baby’s sounds even from the 14th to 16th weeks of pregnancy.

Though the fetal listener comes with only one headphone, it has two audio jack ports that fits all headphones. So you just have to use a second headphone and both mother and father can listen to and enjoy the sounds of their baby.

As the unit uses standard 3.5mm audio jacks, it can be used with your mobile device too. The unit also has a recording cable which you can connect to your computer to record your baby sounds and share with family or friends or listen to later when your child grows up!


  • Has a beautiful heart design
  • It’s high sensitivity levels produces better baby sounds like heartbeats, hiccup and kicks
  • Comes with a 9v battery, one pair of headphones, recording cable, 2 CDs, free gel and a manual
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • It’s audio jack output fits all headphones and provides for joined listening
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use


  • Some complain the probe didn’t function properly, which was quickly fixed by the seller and money refunded

Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor Listening Device

+ 1 Free Gel, Listen to and Record your Unborn Baby Sounds and Movement Ideal for Home Use

The Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor Listening Device helps create a stronger bond between the pregnant mother and baby. This is an easy to use ultrasonic monitor both mothers and health care professionals can use to retrieve and listen to the baby’s heart rate.

It’s portable and compact in design, making it convenient to carry and use wherever required. This baby monitor not only lets you listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but also see the baby’s heartbeat rate on its large backlight LCD display. The LCD display provides three modes- real-time FHD, average FHR and manual display modes.

The Doppler pregnancy monitor comes with built-in speakers that produce a clear and loud voice. it also has an interchangeable high sensibility waterproof probe that is so sensitive, it can detect the heart rate of even a 15 week baby.

The device’s battery power is maximized as the unit automatically shuts down if it is not used for more than a minute. It’s possible to calculate the baby’s heartbeat rate using one of three calculation modes- instant, 10 seconds average and manual.


  • Safe for both professionals and pregnant mothers to use
  • Small, compact and portable in design to carry wherever needed
  • Comes with a 3 MHz interchangeable, high-sensitive water resistant probe
  • Offers three heartbeat rate calculation modes
  • Displays the baby’s heartbeat rate on its large backlight LCD display
  • Has built-in loudspeaker and headphone socket which emits clear and loud voice
  • LCD display provides three heartbeat display modes
  • Automatically switches off after a minute of no signal


  • Some complain that they can rarely find the heart beat, which worries them more
  • Tends to pick up lots of interference noise

LANSOR Pocket 3MHz Probe Baby Monitor LCD Backlight, Listen to and Record your Unborn Baby Sounds and Movement

The Lansor pocket 3MHz Probe Baby Monitor LCD Backlight lets not only you the mother listen to your baby’s heartbeats, but also lets YOUR mother listen to it! You just have to use its probe to hear your baby’s movements, and with its recording cable connected to your computer, you can record all your hearings and share it with your mother.

The Lansor fetal Doppler is easy and convenient to use. it comes with a big LCD backlight FHR display so that you can also look at your baby’s heartbeat. The unit also produces high-fidelity, crystal clear sounds of your baby’s movements and activities.

The Lansor heartbeat monitor is light and portable and comes with a built-in speaker and adjustable volume control you can listen to your baby sounds not only through its built-in speaker, but also using earphones.

This personal sound amplification device boasts of a low ultrasound dosage and is ergonomically designed for comfort while listening to your baby’s sounds. Its carry bag makes it convenient to carry the unit to use to listen to your baby’s sounds wherever comfortable. The unit has an auto power off feature to save your battery power when not in use, and a battery indicator which indicates when it’s time to recharge the battery.


  • Portable and compact to carry in its carrying bag
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Recording cable lets you record your baby’s sounds
  • Big LCD backlight FHR display lets you watch your baby’s heartbeats
  • Produces crystal clear sounds
  • Listen to heartbeats through its built-in speaker or earphones
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Auto power off feature saves battery power
  • Battery indicator reminds when it’s time to recharge the unit


  • Some feel that the heart rate is not so accurate


Doppler fetal monitors are used for detecting and measuring your baby’s heart rate through the pregnancy and even spot potential health problems. It was originally available only through the OB/GYN, but is now available in a portable, easy to carry version for use at home. If you wonder where to buy a Doppler, it is easily available at the chemists’ or can be ordered online.

These machines emit and receive ultrasonic sound waves and it’s the changes in its wavelength that measures the heart beat. Though they are not as accurate as the more expensive models found in the doctor’s office, you can use it to feel more connected with your baby. However having a fetal heart rate monitor at home does not mean you can skip your regular doctor visits!


It works based on the ‘doppler’ effect which describes that the wavelength of wave energy travelling from two objects can change if one of the objects moves. The fetal Doppler’s wand or probe sends ultrasound waves into the lower belly which reflects from the baby.

This leads to a frequency change which the Doppler picks up and transforms into sound that you can listen to through speakers or earphones or seen as a heart rate if the fetal Doppler has a screen.

The fetal Doppler is useful for listening to the fetal heart rate, bowels, lungs and other human organs. It also tells if there’s something wrong with the baby, and if there’s no movement. Using a fetal Doppler is easy as you just have to apply ultrasound gel to the belly area in a blob without spreading it, and then touch the belly with its probe.

The probe has to be moved around till you hear a steady beat and make sure it is touching your skin at all times, without much pressure. The more gel that is used, the less static you hear. You have to start from the pubic bone and glide upwards to the belly button.

As it may be difficult to find the fetus at first, make sure you cover the entire stomach till you hear or see the heart rate. While it’s possible to use the machine while sitting or standing, lying down is the easiest.

The one drawback of using the fetal Doppler is that all movements in the body is translated into sound. This includes the baby’s kicks and hiccups, blood flowing in your arteries and even the air in your intestines. You need some patience and practice to distinguish the actual baby’s heartbeat from these other sounds.


Though most heartbeat monitor for pregnancy can detect the baby’s heart rate as early as 8 to 10 weeks, it’s better to wait till you are in the 12th week of pregnancy, when you can clearly hear the heartbeat. You may get worried and impatient trying to hear it before this.

Moreover, different factors determine how early a heartbeat can be heard in babies like the mother’s size as overweight women take longer because of their fat, and thus have to be more patient to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Even the fetus position determines how the baby’s heart beat is heard as the baby tends to flip in the uterus in the early pregnancy stages making it difficult for you to detect the heartbeat, and the fetus size.

You will be first surprised seeing your baby’s heart beat on the display screen as it will be about 120-180 beats per minute, which is much higher than you would have expected! However this is nothing to worry about as it is healthy for the fetal heartbeat to be higher than a healthy adult’s average heart rate of 60-100.

So if your device shows a heart beat in this range, it’s probably your, the mother’s heartbeat through veins and arteries that it is showing, and not the baby’s heartbeat! The baby’s heartbeat is quick, like galloping horses and may momentarily fade when your baby moves around and changes position.


Don’t start panicking if you can’t hear baby heart beat, as it does not mean something is wrong. It just means that you need some patience as the heartbeat may not be strong enough to be heard in the early pregnancy stages.

There is also the chance that the baby is not in a position for the fetal Doppler to pick up the heart rate, or the heartbeat may be camouflaged by other sounds like the mother’s heartbeat, static or stomach noises. So if you can’t hear the heart beat, try again after awhile or the next day. Moreover, it’s easier detecting the heartbeat in bigger babies.

Hearing two heartbeats may not mean you have twins! Sometimes you may hear the same heartbeat in two places during the later pregnancy stages. If you notice two heartbeats within 10 beats per minute of each other, it is a single baby.

It is only when the two heart beats are very different that you may be having twins, where it’s better undergoing an ultrasound to find out if you are actually expecting twins!


It’s safe to use a fetal Doppler on both mother and child for both professional and home use, without a prescription. It emits waves that are about 40 times lower than the waves an ultrasound machine emits. Moreover, while only trained people can perform an ultrasound, anyone can safely use a portable heartbeat monitor.

Though safe, the device cannot be used to reassure your pregnancy. So if you have any doubts and feel something is wrong, you have to immediately visit your doctor and not depend on the heartbeat monitor.


Besides letting you safely listen to your baby’s doppler baby heartbeat there are also these few other reasons to buy a fetal heart monitor.

Safe and easy to use
Baby heart beat monitors are easy to use; you just have to apply a special conductive gel on your stomach, and then and apply the probe on it. Doppler technology creates a stimulation of your baby’s heartbeat which you can easily hear on speakers or headphones.

Reduces the stress of pregnancy
As a fetal heart monitor lets mothers ‘check’ their baby often, they feel more relaxed and at peace of mind regarding the baby’s physical development. It is especially useful in the early stages of pregnancy where you can hear his or her heartbeat and know they are okay before you start feeling your baby’s first kicks.

Involves your partner in the pregnancy
Fathers do not feel so connected with the baby during the pregnancy phase. It is however possible to include him in important milestones of the baby’s development like listening to the baby’s heartbeat at the first prenatal visit and feeling the baby’s first kicks.

The heartbeat Doppler is therefore perfect for busy dads who cannot accompany you to your prenatal appointments to connect and bond with the baby but can still create and maintain close bonds with their baby using a heart beat monitor.

Siblings find it easier adjusting to the baby
The arrival of a new baby is both exciting and challenging especially for siblings-to-be. One of the best ways to help your child adjust and avoid potential sibling rivalry is to let them see and hear the new baby as many times as possible during the pregnancy state.

Let your child know and feel the presence of the baby child so that they are mentally prepared for their future role as an elder sibling. As it is not practical taking your child to your prenatal or ultrasound appointments, a fetal heart monitor lets the sibling-to-be safely listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Tips for using the home fetal Doppler

You need some training to properly use the baby heart beat device to ensure you can distinguish your baby’s heartbeat from other movements in the body. Here are some tips for using the monitor:

  • You need to ask your doctor or a trained medical practitioner to teach you how to correctly hear sounds.
  • If you plan to buy a monitor at home, make sure you buy a good quality one that gives accurate readings.
  • You need some accessories like gel and towels while using the monitor. It is always better to buy the approved and recommended products to avoid potential complications. Having a towel nearby is useful as it makes cleaning easier.
  • It is easier hearing the baby on a full bladder as it brings your uterus up, and out of the pelvic cavity. Most mothers vouch its easier hearing the baby’s heartbeat first thing in the morning as the body is least bloated.
  • Make sure the probe is cleaned after each use to prevent unnecessary build-up. You can easily clean it by switching off the device and using 70% ethanol to wipe the probe and then let it air dry. You can also use a clean and dry cloth to clean the surface; but make sure you do not submerge it in water or any cleaning solution.
  • Contact your doctor or midwife immediately if you think that there are changes in your baby’s movements.
  • Remember, the Doppler should never be used for reassuring your child’s condition.
  • The fetal Doppler should never be overused. It should be used for no longer than 10 minutes per setting. Supposing you have been trying to locate your baby’s heartbeat for about ten minutes and still can’t find it, then you have to take a break. It is suggested to use the monitor infrequently and in short intervals, only after the first trimester of pregnancy.


No matter if you want to buy a fetal Doppler for yourself or as a gift for a pregnant friend, you need to know that
there are many kinds to choose from, in various shapes, sizes, rates and features. There are various things you should look out for in these heartbeat monitors like probe type, heart rate display, probe frequency and Smartphone adaptability before finally buying one. Some can even get linked to Smartphone to download and store information and even project ultrasounds through the Smartphone.

As it is not easy choosing the best baby heartbeat monitor, this buying guide has been compiled with the important features you have to look out for in your monitor.

This is obviously important as you should be able to afford the heartbeat monitor. This is because Doppler range from anywhere around $10 for basic stethoscopes to thousands of dollars for a medical grade unit.

It is thus better to fix your budget before you go about hunting for your Doppler. Go through the different features in different models and choose your device based on the required features and budget.

Ease of use
Make sure the fetal Doppler you choose is easy to use and gives accurate results. There is no point in buying a complicated device as it will only be a waste of money if you don’t know how to use it.

It’s always good to buy electronic devices that come with a warranty, including a heartbeat monitor. The warranty protects against any defects that may occur during the production process. You may thus receive a replacement if the defect of the monitor is a manufacture defect.

If you do not want any complicated devices to use to listen to your baby sounds, you can always use a stethoscope or basic monitoring device. However if you want, and are interested in using a device with the latest technology, then you can invest in a battery-powered model with multiple settings.

Find out what accessories your Doppler comes with so that you don’t end up buying unnecessary accessories. Check if the Doppler comes with a built-in speaker or ear buds for your listening pleasure. If you plan to use the Doppler while performing daily tasks, it should have a belt that is comfortable and fits well. While most Doppler monitors do come with batteries, gel and cases there are also some that do not.

The fetal monitor you choose should be able to monitor the fetal heart rates that ranges between a minimum of 50 to 210 beats per minute. The heartbeats are generated through a speaker or headphones to use for private or shared listening as intended.

Power controls
The unit should have power on/off switches and also let you make adjustments to the volume as needed.

Rechargeable batteries
Choose a battery-operated fetal doppler baby heart monitor that runs on rechargeable batteries as it reduces your working costs in the long run as you need not repeatedly buy batteries for the device. The rechargeable batteries should also provide a minimum of 8 hours of operation when fully charged, and should get charged when connected to an electrical outlet.

Low-battery indicator
If you choose a battery powered baby heart rate monitor, make sure it has a clear low-battery indicator on its outside to let you know when the battery needs recharging. Moreover, the indicator tells you if the charger is correctly plugged into an AC outlet and the unit is charging.

Safety and usage
The product you intend to buy has to conform to safety standards. Go through its instruction booklet to find out how you should interpret the baby’s heartbeats. Doing it the wrong way may only lead to your not being able to hear heartbeats and only creates unnecessary tension and uneasiness.

While most units come with the appropriate gel to use with the Doppler, some don’t. If it doesn’t make sure you use only gel meant for use for ultrasound purposes. Don’t risk using any other form of gels or oils as it may trigger excess static and in the process, damage the pregnancy Doppler probe.

Battery charger and kit
If the heartbeat monitor baby you buy runs on rechargeable batteries, it’s better if it the unit includes a charger and a battery charger kit.


While fetal Doppler is safe, some doctors are not so happy with expecting mothers using it to listen to your baby’s heartbeat at home. This is because they are worried that mothers may listen to their baby’s heartbeat and think that everything is okay even when the child may need attention. They thus delay at seeking help form medical professionals as they get reassured listening to the sounds heard on the Doppler.

This is why it is very important that you remember that a baby Doppler does not in any way replace a doctor’s advice about the child’s progress. It is not a substitute for any professional advice or diagnosis. This is why FDA recommends using the fetal Doppler under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional if indicated for the benefit of both mother and child.


So now you know that a pocket fetal Doppler, is indeed safe to use, and the only risk it poses is the way you use it, like using it for more than 10 minutes at a go. Moreover, parents-to-be should always remember that the fetal Doppler should not be relied on as a device that reassures the unborn child’s condition as only your doctor can ascertain this.

If you want to bond with your child, you now know you can do it using a fetal Doppler. However you may not know which one to buy as there are so many types and models in the market today. This is why these few fetal Doppler reviews have been compiled for you to take a look at and make your final decision about buying the best fetal Doppler!

The 6 Best Portable Bassinet For Baby Reviews

As a new parent, you’ve probably seen bassinets being marketed on top baby registries and other toddler platforms and you might be wondering to yourself why you need one for your baby, if at all. Baby bassinets are basket-like structures that resemble cradles with the exception that bassinets have free standing legs and lack the ability to glide or rock that the cradles possess.

Bassinets are excellent for carrying extremely young children i.e. from 1 day to 4 months old. If you’re planning to take a flight, either domestic or international, and have a very young child, a bassinet is the best way to go. Bassinets can be very comfortable and create ideal sleeping spots for infants. Their design allows for thin firm mattresses to be used that create a warm and cozy space for the child.

Bassinets are also important because they allow children to sleep in the same room as their parents without the inconvenience of sharing the same bed. Unlike baby cribs, they consume much less space and hence are often the preferred choice by many.

Interested in acquiring a bassinet for your infant? Consider these highly portable options.

best portable bassinet for baby

Here are the 6 Best Bassinets for Baby

1. Brica Fold N’ Go – Best Travel Bassinet

Are you looking for a bassinet that will allow your infant to have a comfortable resting place regardless of where you go? Brica Fold N’ Go travel bassinet is a bassinet that offers great comfort and convenience. Whether you’re visiting friends and family, enjoying yourself at the beach or simply relaxing at the park, this bassinet is ideal for all situations and environments. It is extremely lightweight, requires very few seconds to fold up and comes with a convenient carrying handle. It also comes with durable side walls and a locking frame for enhanced stability. The breathable fabric and comfortable mattress pad that come together with the bassinet creates a very cozy and safe sleeping environment.


  • It possesses a breathable fabric to allow for good air circulation.
  • It comes with a four point safe T-lock system for enhanced infant security and safety.
  • Lightweight – It weighs less than 3 pounds.
  • Comfortable mattress pad. – This bassinet comes with fitted sheets and a water resistant mattress pad to ensure longevity.
  • Double locking tubular steel frame.


  • Considered a bit pricey by some.
  • Some frames are a bit flimsy and can bend easily.

Serta iComfort Infant Sleeper– Best Portable Bassinet

Are you looking for a bassinet that guarantees to make night time feeding much easier and faster in addition to being highly portable? If so, the Serta iComfort infant sleeper is the bassinet for you. This bassinet comes with a one of a kind design i.e. it is built with nature sound options, night lights and lullabies to soothe infants and lull them to sleep. These features can be activated during night time to shorten the time it takes the baby to sleep after feeding thus allowing the parent more time to rest. The Serta iComfort sleeper also comes with a mesh side design that allows for easy visibility of the baby as well as good airflow.


  • Extra large design –Provides the baby with more room to grow ensuring prolonged use of the bassinet.
  • Machine washable – Provides a very convenient option during cleaning.
  • Electronic modules – Has nature sounds, night lights and lullabies to soothe babies to sleep.
  • Good ventilation – Has a mesh side panel that allows for good airflow.


  • Some parents consider the walls to be too tall thus making the process of transitioning the baby from the arms to the sleeper a bit challenging.

Snuggle Nest Surround XL – Navy Dots

Do you enjoy sleeping with your infant in the same bed but want a bassinet that can be used without inconveniencing you? If so, the Snuggle Nest Surround XL bassinet is one that you should consider. This is among the best portable bassinets in the market that have the ability to create a protective area for your infant around your bed. The Snuggle Nest has short walls/ side panels that allow the parent to easily access their little one. This sleeper also has a removable incline wedge that can support infants in a slightly upright position with the aim of aiding their digestion.


  • Creates a protective open area for infants resting on an adult’s bed.
  • Waterproof foam mattress – Has a wrap around sheet that keeps liquids at bay.
  • Light and sound units – These create a soothing environment for the toddler through entertaining lights and soothing melodies.
  • Vented wall units – Prevents the infant from rolling over.
  • Removable 1.5” incline wedge – Enhances the infant’s security during transit from the parent’s arms.


  • Some mattresses are larger than the Snuggle Nest and do not lay flat.

Baby Travel Bag 3 In 1 – Open Bassinet Size 12W

Looking for a highly portable bassinet travel unit for your baby to rest in that can also double up as a diaper bag? If so, consider acquiring this 3 in 1 travel bag for your infant. This bag has a large pullout bed compartment that can be used to put the baby to sleep when traveling. The bag measures 12 by 15 by 5 when closed and 17 by 11 by 3 when the infant compartment is opened. It takes approximately 30 seconds to set up this compartment. No technical knowledge is required. Simply unzip the front compartment, insert the provided support sticks to the sides followed by the mattress pad and you’re all set.


  • Easy to carry – It is lightweight and can be easily hang on the shoulder.
  • Easy to use – No technical knowledge is required to set up the bed compartment.
  • No chemical smell – This creates a safe environment for infants.
  • 2 large external compartments and 4 small inside pockets – provides more room when traveling.


The handles are not long enough to hang on a stroller. Parents need a large hook on their stroller to carry this bag.

Koo-di Sleep & Sun Travel Bassinet

Are you searching for a portable bassinet travel unit to use on a holiday getaway or an overnight stay when you’re away? Consider the Koo-di Sleep & Sun travel bassinet. This bassinet is made from 100% poly-cotton i.e. cotton and polyester fibers. This means the fabric is fully breathable and highly durable. The material also offers a safe, comfortable and clean place for the baby to sleep in regardless of where you may be. It is ranked as one of the best portable baby bassinets because it weighs less and is highly portable i.e. can easily be folded into a relatively small carrying bag. This makes it super convenient for traveling.


  • Lightweight – weighs only 1.8 pounds.
  • Highly durable – made from poly-cotton which is a strong material.
  • Highly portable – can easily be folded into a carrying bag that measures 28 centimeters in diameter.
  • Samsonite pop up – Opens very quickly (in a few seconds) to protect the infant from the elements.
  • UVA and UVB ray protection – It has a pop up that offers infants up to 93% protection from harmful rays.


  • The mattress pad may be a bit thin to the dislike of some parents.

UPPAbaby Bassinet, Jake (Black)

Do you want a bassinet that is highly portable while at the same time oozes style and boasts of a modern and sophisticated look? If so, look no further than the UPPAbaby bassinet. This is among the top rated portable baby bassinets because it complies with the new ASTM standards that require canopy hinges to be incorporated in bassinets and be able to be accessed through the push of a button to raise and lower the canopy. The ASTM standards also require that bassinets have at least 191mm in depth. These requirements were put in place to ensure toddlers receive both adequate comfort and security.


  • Complies with the ASTM standards – Proof of its safety and reliability.
  • Aerated mattress – Allows good air flow when sleeping.
  • SPF 50 sun shade – Protects the infant from harmful UV rays.
  • Highly compatible with other devices – e.g. Vista 2015, legacy, Cruz strollers e.t.c.
  • Very comfortable for overnight sleeping. – Infants can lie completely flat on soft, dense well vented mattresses.


  • Expensive – Some parents consider the bassinet’s cost to be a bit high.


A portable bassinet is simply a structure that resembles a rocking cradle but with one stack difference – it lacks the rocking feature. Instead of a curved bottom surface that allows for steady side to side movement it has free standing legs. Bassinets are also highly portable. This means they can be moved easily from one point to another. This is another significant difference between cradles and bassinets. Cradles tend to be less portable and are mainly built to lull infants to sleep.

Bassinets are built from the perspective that babies are more comfortable in small spaces. Infants spent several months tucked in the womb of their mothers. Their bodies are accustomed to being held in small spaces. A Sudden change from the womb to large surroundings e.g. large rooms has been shown to cause infants some distress and take them longer to fall asleep. However, through the use of bassinets, infants’ insecurities have been observed to dissipate quickly and the infants are noted to be much happier. Making the infant fall asleep is also almost effortless. In this regard, bassinets are highly valuable in helping infants transition to newer larger spaces than they are accustomed to, with time.



Bassinets are needed most during travel hence the reason they are built to be highly portable. If you are a new parent and you’re planning on taking a trip with your infant it is best to use a bassinet. This structure provides the most comfort to the baby ensuring it hardly gets disturbed during transit. The structure is built to ensure the baby is always comfortable and secure regardless of the location. Most infants can hardly detect the difference when parents are going up or down a flight of stairs or if they’re walking on a level plain.

Sharing a bed with your child

Most parents try to avoid sleeping with their young babies on the same bed mainly because the infant may wet the bed or cause other messes. In other cases, parents have said they were fearful they might be a detriment to their own babies and might cause them to suffocate from blankets or harm them in any other way such as getting them wedged between the headboard and the mattress or pillow. For this reason many parents avoid sharing beds with toddlers and instead choose to have a cot in the same room.

Bassinets are the solution. Not only do they make it possible for parents to share a room with their babies but they also make it possible for them to share the same bed! Some bassinets are waterproof ensuring a child’s pee does not reach the bed or mattress. They also have walls are highly porous to allow good air flow ensuring the child is well ventilated throughout the night. Some also have high walls to create a barrier between the parent and the child preventing any accidental brushes by parents at night and even calamities such as suffocation.

Short on Space

Parents who are short on space can choose to get a bassinet for their infants instead of a cot or a cradle. Because of their design, bassinets consume much less space than a cot or a cradle making them a convenient option in areas where there is a shortage of space. Depending on the bassinet, it is possible for parents to share the same bed with their young offspring.

Assists the toddler’s transition

This is mainly a psychological benefit. New born babies are accustomed to life in small spaces. When exposed to large spaces they tend to display more anxiety, albeit in small degrees. There is even an argument that this is part of the reason why they take longer to fall asleep in open spaces. The solution is to help their systems transition to life in larger environments by using a bassinet. The bassinet attempts to duplicate the conditions of the womb by holding the baby in a small space similar to what he was previously accustomed to. Eventually this will contribute positively to the child’s development.

Protection against the Elements

As a parent it is only natural to be concerned about your infant’s well-being and that includes how they fare against the elements. Because it is not advisable for infants to use skin care products as protection against the elements when in nature, a bassinet can act as a suitable substitute. Some bassinets have pop ups that unravel very quickly to shield babies against direct sunlight and the harmful effects of Ultra Violet rays. The UPPAbaby bassinet, for instance, offers up to 50 (SPF); protection against direct sun rays that may cause harm to a baby’s gentle skin. When dealing with toddlers it is important to remember that the sun’s Ultra Violet rays are the ones that cause the most harm compared to direct sunlight and therefore bassinets that offer UV protection and not just a shade cover should be given priority.


If you’re searching for a bassinet for your new born baby consider these tips to help you find the perfect one for your infant.

Safety standards

When it comes to bassinets, safety and comfort should be your utmost priority. Although there are many bassinets in the market from different companies very few have incorporated top safety protocols to ensure the infants security is never at risk. When purchasing bassinets e.g. the chicco portable bassinet, it is important to look for a certification sticker with inscriptions such as JPMA or ASTM.

This is proof that the bassinet has been vetted and complies with the recommended safety standards of either ASTM or JPMA. JPMA is a trade association that comprises of at least 300 companies that are in the business of making baby products. ASTM stands for American Society for Testing and Materials. This organization’s main purpose is to develop and publish standards for products and materials.

Apart from certification, parents are advised to evaluate the safety of a bassinet on their own in the same way they would evaluate a baby cot. If a bassinet has decorative posts that stick out from the side that the baby’s clothes could latch on to then its best to avoid this unit and opt for alternatives that don’t pose a safety hazard.

Does the Bassinet Rock or Not?

Bassinets in general do not rock. However, there are some models with this feature incorporated into the design. As a parent you need to remember that although a rocking bassinet may help the infant to learn how to move and roll over much faster it also brings some safety concerns. For instance, while sleeping the baby might roll over and have its face pressed against the side. This can cause discomfort to the baby and because the bassinet rocks the baby might find it difficult to readjust itself. In extreme cases this can lead to suffocation.

If the thought of a rocking bassinet still fascinates you then ensure you purchase one that has a lock. The lock ensures the bassinet can be utilized in rocking and stationary mode. This way you get the benefits of a rocking bassinet without the safety risks.

Age and Weight

Most bassinets are built for babies from the age of day 1 to around 4 months. The average weight they can hold is between 15 and 20 pounds. Parents should avoid randomly picking bassinets and instead inquire about the age and weight limits for each unit. Some bassinets such as the Serta iComfort infant sleeper have a large design that can accommodate a baby’s development for much longer periods, usually 2 months longer than the average model. The baby travel bag 3 in 1 open bassinet is also another bassinet that can be used for a much longer duration. It goes without saying that the price of these bassinets is slightly elevated to match the extra features accorded.


One of the common reasons parents shop for bassinets is because these units allow them to transport their children from one location to another with relative ease. The best portable bassinet come with a sturdy set of wheels to facilitate better movement.

When shopping for bassinets consider the level of traveling you will be doing with your child and the locations you will be visiting. This will help you determine whether you will need a travel bassinet with wheels or one without. If you choose one with wheels ensure the wheels come with a locking mechanism to restrict mobility. This is especially important when you leave your baby with other siblings who might be tempted to move it around.

If you prefer stationary bassinets consider acquiring either the Brica fold n’ go travel bassinet, the Serta iComfort infant sleeper or the Snuggle Nest Surround XL bassinets. In addition to being highly portable bassinet travel units some of these bassinets can also be disassembled and folded quickly when needed for either storage or travel.


Consider the bedding that comes with the baby bassinet. Before purchasing a particular unit it is important to ensure it has simple fitted sheets as well as a mattress that fits perfectly within the bassinet. This is crucial because most bassinets, unlike baby cots and cribs, are not built in standard sizes. This might make it a challenge to find sheets that best match the bassinet. As a rule, search for bassinets that provide at least an extra fitted sheet. This will come in handy at night when a diaper change will inevitably be required.


Acquiring a bassinet is by far the best way to help you maintain a close proximity to your new born baby especially at night. Also, according to research, babies who share the same room with their parents (usually with bassinets) are exposed to a much lower risk of succumbing to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Bassinets are also highly beneficial in helping parents travel with their infants without disrupting the baby’s comfort. These benefits and more make the exercise of choosing a bassinet a crucial one. Here are 6 things you should keep in mind when looking for a portable bassinet.


When it comes to your child and bassinets, safety should always be your number one concern. Because there are hundreds of bassinet models in the market it can be difficult to gauge the level of safety the carriage structure comes with by simply looking or touching it. Fortunately though there are bodies in charge of scrutinizing these baby products to determine if they are usable by infants.

Before making a financial investment in a specific bassinet model check for a safety certification either from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or look for a JPMA label. Japan Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers’ Association (JPMA) is an association that is made of at least 300 international manufacturers of baby products and works in a similar way to ASTM i.e. setting product standards.

If you see bassinets without either of these two labels it is advisable not to purchase them.

Still on safety, parents are advised to avoid purchasing extra bassinet accessories without properly evaluating how well they complement their current unit. Some accessories may prove to be safety hazards to the growing child e.g. they may stick to the child’s clothes or they may easily come off and be ingested by the baby.


The walls of a bassinet perform multiple functions. For one, they keep the child secure in the bassinet. Secondly, they can be used to facilitate good air flow through mesh ventilations. Thirdly, they can also be used to restrict the baby’s movements from side to side. It goes to show that a bassinet’s walls are an important factor to consider when shopping for bassinets.

Start by considering what you’d like to achieve with your bassinet walls. If you want to enhance air circulation for your child then consider choosing units such as the Serta iComfort bassinet that have side mesh panels. Just remember the walls of this model may be a bit too tall and may require parents to use a bit more effort when placing and removing the child. If you want your toddler to have more room for movement it is advisable to choose a unit with an extra large design i.e. the distance between the walls is large. This will also ensure the unit is usable for much longer periods providing more value for your money.


The mattresses of bassinets need to be well supported. They should also be tough to support a young infant without flexing or bending. Before making a purchase check the entire mattress manually to see if there are supports holding it up in its entirety. This check is important because it prevents what is referred to as the “hammock effect” i.e. the mattress laggings at the center because of an infant’s weight due to lack of sufficient support. While this feature is okay for adults it can be hazardous to infants since it makes it difficult for them to turn or roll over.

The mattress should also be comfortable. Infants should be able to lie completely flat and not feel the support materials underneath. The mattress should also not leave any gaps along the edges. It should be easy to adjust and should, at least, have a waterproof cover.


As a parent it is important to learn that there are some units made from toxic materials. Polyurethane foams and polyester are two major examples. These materials are considered unsafe because of formaldehyde and toluene, substances proven to be harmful to infants. When shopping for bassinets enquire about the materials used to make the units to determine if they are safe for your child. VOCs or organic compounds that can be vaporized easily need to be avoided at all costs. VOCs are mainly found in paints – something to remember the next time you go shopping.

Mattresses promoted as being flame retardant should also be avoided as the chemicals present in the mattress may cause nerve and even brain damage in the long run.

A baby’s bassinet should also not be made from latex rubber unless it is proven to have no negative effects on the baby. If the parent suffers from latex allergy it is wise to assume the infant is highly susceptible to the allergy and avoid units composed of this material.

In general, parents should be looking for untreated materials. Natural rubber and organic cotton are the best materials for a young baby’s skin.


Does size matter when it comes to bassinets? The simple answer is – it’s all depends on you. Bassinets are smaller than baby cribs and cots. They are designed to last an average of 3-4 months. If you’d like to use one for longer it is advisable to choose a large unit although there is no guarantee it will exceed the average duration. Factors such as genetics, how often the baby is fed, the type of food the baby eats e.t.c. will contribute differently to the baby’s growth and consequently affect the period he needs the bassinet.

Some large bassinets to consider include the chicco portable bassinet, baby travel bag 3 in 1 open bassinet and the Serta iComfort Infant Sleeper.

Travel (Convenience)

Not all bassinets are created equal. Some are more portable than others. If you’re planning to take a lot of trips with your infant child it is important that you choose a highly portable travel bassinet such as the Koo-di sleep and sun travel bassinet or the baby travel bag 3 in 1 open bassinet. These units are easily disassembled and folded when needed to travel on short notice.


Finding the best portable bassinet for your baby doesn’t have to be a difficult exercise. Start by defining what you would like the bassinet to help you accomplish. Is it to be able to share the same bed with your child? Perhaps you’d like to be able to take your child with you on your many trips without disturbing him. Maybe you want the child to be able to fall asleep quicker so that you can have more time to yourself. Whatever it may be ensure you define it clearly as this will play a critical role in helping you find the right bassinet.

Next, it is advisable to research different model units to find the one that best suits your criterion. Take your time. There are hundreds of models in the market and each has its pros and cons. Remember to choose a model that meets the set safety standards by either ASTM or JPMA.

Once you determine a model the next step is to determine the perfect place to buy the particular bassinet. Online marketplaces such as Amazon offer great deals and should be prioritized in your selection. Whatever you do try as much as possible to avoid purchasing second hand units as these may be of lower quality. It is also important to remember that price is not always an indicator of quality although in many cases it is a credible quality yardstick.

Happy shopping!

11 Best Coconut Oil for Pregnancy Reviews (2018 Update)

Using coconut oil during pregnancy? Coconut oil and pregnancy are two things that come hand in hand. It is believed that coconut oil can deliver a number of benefits for pregnant women, such as prevention of stretchmarks, boosting of the immune system, and increase of milk production, among other things. There is also no need to worry about using coconut oil in different forms as it is safe during pregnancy! Once you start to experience the wonder of coconut oil, you will want to continue to use it long after your baby’s birth!

Early signs of pregnancy discharge

Thinking about the best coconut oil to buy for your pregnancy? We are here to help you out. In the rest of this post, we will have a quick look at some of the top products that are available on the market, as well as the reasons why they are exceptional. Reading this guide will help you to become a well-informed buyer!

Is coconut oil good for pregnant belly?

Yes, If you are still not convinced that coconut oil will be great for pregnancy, here are some of the compelling reasons that can make you change your mind:

Coconut oil for stretch marks

Is coconut oil good for stretch marks during pregnancy? I started using coconut oil a few weeks ago! My routine is to actually use baby oil on my belly in the shower then when I get out I apply coconut oil and throughout the day when I remember I apply cocoa butter, no stretch marks so far! Also I thinks super important I’m NOT gaining weight at a rapid pace which I think has a huge impact on stretch marks. Gaining weight at a steady pace is key!

This is one of the most popular uses of coconut oil amongst pregnant women. When applied topically, the coconut oil can make the skin more elastic. With this, make sure that you rub it on the belly and legs regularly starting on the first trimester.

Coconut oil for pregnancy stretch marks
Coconut oil for pregnancy stretch marks

Coconut oil tips for acne during pregnancy

It is an effective skin moisturizer and it can penetrate deeply into the skin. This is also one of the reasons why it can prevent stretchmarks. It also provides a protective barrier to fight external elements that could damage the skin.

Coconut oil tips for acne during pregnancy? I’ve heard really good things about coconut oil being antibacterial and it’s all natural. My face is already broken out from hormones so I figure it can’t hurt to try it and see if it helps at all. And Yes it works for acne. I started breaking out really bad, I usually have good skin, and it cleared my face in a week. I just recently made a sugar scrub with it and my face looks so good!

1/2 cup of coffee grounds
1/2 cup of granulated white sugar
2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
2 tablespoons of coconut oil
2 tablespoons of olive oil

I mixed this together with a spoon. I had a container to seal it in as well. I wash my face with warm water first, then gently massage scrub onto face. I let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse off with cold water. My face is moisturized and clear now.

Prevents Frizzy Hair

One of the possible side effects of pregnancy is having frizzy hair, which will make you look stressed and ugly. To prevent this, use coconut oil to tame your hair and bring back your confidence!

Coconut oil lubricant pregnancy

If you are afraid of the pain that is associated with labor, it will also be good to consume about a teaspoon of coconut oil as a dietary supplement. This will also prevent vaginal dryness. Coconut oil lubricant pregnancy? Yes, you can use coconut oil as lube! Coconut oil is the best thing that happened to our sex life. Seriously. We began using it about six months before we conceived because we heard it was sperm friendly. I do honestly attribute some of this miracle baby to having good lube. We use it every time. You can use it during pregnancy and after birth. Always makes things better.

Coconut oil for pregnancy constipation

Coconut is rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. With this, it can also be effective in the prevention of morning sickness, as well as constipation and heartburn, amongst other common side effects of pregnancy. Pregnant women should drink at least eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day. This will help keep your bowels soft and moving smoothly through your digestive tract. Try breaking up your daily food intake into five or six smaller meals to help with constipation relief.

Boosts the Immune System

Coconut oil is a potent source of lauric acid, which is the same that is found in breastmilk. It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties, which will be great in terms of strengthening your immune system during pregnancy. It can fight a cold, flu, and other health problems.

Relaxes the Body

With the hormonal changes and the anxiety, especially for first-time moms, pregnancy can indeed be stressful. With this, coconut oil can be used to massage the body and you will surely end up feeling more relaxed.

Is Coconut Oil Safe to Use While You’re Pregnant?

As a pregnant woman, it is perfectly understandable if you have qualms about using coconut oil. After all, it is not only your health that you should be concerned about. You should also be concerned about the health of your baby. The good news is that coconut oil is generally safe to use during pregnancy, as long as you choose the right product and you use it in moderation.

It should be noted that coconut oil in its purest form is 100% saturated fat. While there are healthy fats, we all know that excessive fat content can be bad for the body. Therefore, you should limit your intake of coconut oil. According to the guidelines from the American Heart Association, saturated fat should be only about 5 to 6% of your daily caloric intake. It is recommended that you consume only two tablespoons of coconut oil in a day.

For the maximum safety and to optimize the benefits that it can deliver, it will be best to opt for an extra virgin coconut oil. This is the kind of coconut oil that has not been through any chemical treatment, which will provide a guarantee of its purity. If the coconut oil has been deodorized, bleached, and treated with chemicals, it can cause adverse effects on the liver and other serious health problems.

Is it safe to use coconut oil while breastfeeding?

I wanted to share that my nipples hurt and have bled from breastfeeding. I have nothing against formula or supplementing but am trying to breastfeed as much as possible until I go back to work in 8 weeks.

Anyway, I gave up on breastfeeding pretty quickly with my first because of the sore nipples and pain, etc. Well, this time I decided to try coconut oil on my nipples instead of any of the “nipple creams”, and it is a lifesaver!! There is still some pain, but no cracks anymore. I think as time goes on and I keep them moist with the oil, they will heal and my babe will latch better and we will be good to go!

Coconut oil is healthier in my babies mouth than a manufactured cream!

Using coconut oil is great not only during pregnancy, but also during the lactation period. It has anti-microbial properties. This is going to increase the level of lauric acid that is present, making it great for the health of the baby.

More than being an immune system boost for the baby, using coconut oil is also great to increase the production of breastmilk. The high content of essential fatty acids is basically the reason for this. Be creative in ways to add this to your diet when breastfeeding and you will find it easier to have more breastmilk naturally!

What are the types of coconut oil?

When buying a coconut oil, these are some of the words that you can find on the label and what they mean:

  • Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil: This means that it has been through the cold pressing method to extract the white meat from the coconut. To do this, the meat should be at a temperature that ranges from 104 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Organic Coconut Oil: For the oil to be organic, it should have a certification from a reliable organization that does independent quality tests. This means that it was grown using organic methods and pesticides were not used.
  • Refined Coconut Oil: This is an oil that is made using the dried meat of the coconut, which is also known as copra. It has been through various procedures, such as bleaching and deodorizing. This is one thing that pregnant women need to avoid.
  • Unrefined Coconut Oil: It is the natural state of the coconut oil, which is safe to be used during pregnancy. There are no additives or harsh chemicals. It is also non-hydrogenated and has not been bleached. This is technically the virgin coconut oil. Take note that the extra virgin or virgin tag should not matter as it only means that the oil is unrefined.

Our Top Picks for the Best Coconut Oil for Pregnancy

Here are some of the products that should be under your radar, as well as their notable benefits.

Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

With the use of this coconut oil, you will be doing your pregnant self a favor as it can deliver a wealth of benefits, not just for you, but for your baby as well. It is great for the skin and the hair, which are two things that are often affected by your pregnancy hormones. It also has weight-fighting compounds, which will help you to watch your weight despite the pregnancy. It is made using coconut oil in its purest form, so there is no need to worry about fillers, preservatives, and chemicals that could put your pregnancy at risk.

Coco & Co. Coconut Oil for Hair and Skin

Your hair can become dry during pregnancy, which is an outcome of hormonal changes. You will also have stretchmarks. It is also possible that your skin may end up being unusually dry. In all of these problems, this coconut oil can offer the perfect solution. It has a non-greasy formulation and no strong odor. There is also no discoloration. Aside from topical application, it is also rated safe for culinary uses. Good thing, it has undergone a special process to prevent the foul smell and flavor when it is added to food.

Carrington Farms Organic Coconut Oil

This coconut oil is virgin and unrefined, which is exactly the reason why it will make a great choice for pregnancy. It is made using only the finest coconuts from the Philippines, which should be more than enough to provide you with peace of mind. Aside from being a skin rub to prevent stretchmarks, you can also use it for cooking and baking during pregnancy. It can be incorporated into your smoothies as well. Plus, the company is socially-responsible as part of their profits go to feeding children.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil by Sky Organics

Whenever you feel ugly during pregnancy, use this coconut oil and it can do wonders to make you feel better. It is good for the skin and the hair, making you look at your best despite the hormonal changes that you are going through. It can relieve itchy belly, prevent stretchmarks, enhance digestion, improve metabolism, and boost the immune system, among other benefits. You can apply it on the skin or use it for cooking to achieve the benefits earlier mentioned. The oil is also Kosher-certified, which is reflective of the cleanliness and purity of the product.

Fractionated Coconut Oil – 100% Pure therapeutic grade Grade

Made of 100% fractionated coconut oil, which is also called liquid coconut oil. To be technical, the long-chain fatty acids are removed from this type of oil. Even at room temperature, the oil will remain liquid. It also has a longer shelf life when compared to extra virgin oil.

For pregnancy, the best way to use this oil is for massage. It is a moisturizing massage oil with a soothing aroma, sure to make you relax. It is also a great way to prevent stretch marks.

Vita Coco Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Ever noticed how your skin looks dull when you are pregnant? You may be one of those people who are unable to experience what others call the pregnancy glow. If your skin is acting up, you might want to consider the use of this virgin coconut oil. It is good for the skin and the hair. You can use it as a massage oil, natural sunscreen, moisturizer, body scrub, face wash, and makeup remover. Its tropical aroma will also work when you add it in yogurts and smoothies. This will help to boost your body’s defense against health problems that can be experienced during your pregnancy.

Better Body Foods Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

If you want to avoid butter and dairy during pregnancy, this coconut oil will make the perfect alternative. It contains 60% medium chain triglycerides, which will help to boost your energy. This is important given the fact that pregnancy can be stressful and you will probably feel down most of the time. It also has a mild coconut flavor and aroma, which will make it a delicious addition to your drinks and foods. However, because it contains fats, you have to use it in moderation. The oil is made using only fresh coconuts sourced from the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

This naturally-extracted coconut oil can be beneficial in more ways than one when used during pregnancy. It has 50% lauric acid, which will be beneficial for the immune system. It also has natural moisturizing properties, which will help in preventing dry and dull skin as a result of hormonal changes. When used regularly as a rub, it will also work in the prevention of stretchmarks. Meanwhile, if you have dry and frizzy hair, which is common amongst pregnant women, you will also benefit from the use of this coconut oil.

Barlean’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

If you want to infuse coconut flavor and aroma in your food or drinks, this is one product that is worth considering. It is made of organic and virgin coconut oil, so there is no need to worry that it is going to be bad for your pregnancy. Plus, it is also vegan, non-GMO, non-hydrogenated, USDA-organic, kosher, and chemical-free, providing an assurance that it will be good for your health. You can use it to tame your frizzy hair, one thing that most pregnant women will experience. It is also effective as a moisturizer to fight hormonal changes on the skin.

Garden of Life Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This unrefined and cold-pressed coconut oil will be useful in many ways during pregnancy. If you have pregnancy cravings but you do not want to use dairy or any oil, this will make an excellent alternative. This will also be good for the skin and the hair. Since it is extra virgin, this will also be a good supplement to ensure your best state of health when you are pregnant, which will also benefit your baby. It can also be great for providing the energy that you need and for boosting the immune system.

Best Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

This product uses pure, raw, and unrefined coconut oil, which will provide you with the assurance that it is safe and effective for pregnant women. It also has 100% USDA seal, which means that it has passed stringent quality tests to provide you with peace of mind. It does not contain any filler or preservative, which is why you can anticipate its maximum effectiveness. As a healing agent, it does not only treat pregnancy stretchmarks, but it is also great for psoriasis, eczema, dryness, and other common skin problems.


Indeed, coconut oil can provide a wealth of benefits during pregnancy. It is good not only for the mom-to-be but also for the baby. From boosting the immune system to the prevention of stretchmarks, it works like magic during pregnancy. Whether in the form of oil, supplement, or cream, coconut oil is proof that nature has its way of healing humans and making sure of our best state of health!