Checklist Of Most Essential Things a Newborn Baby Needs

I am about 3 weeks away from my due date, my husband and I are super excited but heck it nervous to be first-time parents. After looking at the checklist most essential things a newborn baby needs, is there anything else that is an ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE to be able to survive 3 weeks with a newborn?

Car Seat, bassinet/crib, Diaper changing Pad, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles (how many if hoping to bf?), monitor, baby laundry detergent, Tucks Pads (w/witch hazel), baby shampoo, nail trimming set, Newborn clothing (how many sets?)

Essentials are a car seat, somewhere for baby to sleep, something for baby to wear, diapers and wipes, some way to clean baby, and some way to feed the baby. Everything else is either a nice to have or a may or may not need an item that you won’t need urgently enough that you can’t go to the store and get it if the need arises.

Absolute essentials have been listed: bed, clothes, diapers, wipes, the formula just in case, car seat, and swaddles – an either blanket that is cheaper or the velcro swaddles that make life easier especially those terrible first 3 weeks.

Pacifiers are not a good idea right off the bat if you’re trying to breastfeed -which is obviously way cheaper than formula but may or may not work out for you.  You can buy the Gerber pre-folded cloth diapers and use them as burp cloths or just use regular washcloths depends on how stretched for cash you are …. the rest is up to you and baby! A quality thermometer for baby, burp cloths!


So it is convenient to prepare all the things you need. Here’s the checklist:

  1. Baby Powder – I use Gold Bond Medicated Powder. I apply it moderately all over her body to make her feel refresh. I often apply this when she is sweating.
  2. Diaper – I prefer Pampers more than any other diaper brands. The design is very comfy as well as my baby’s comfortable too.
  3. Alcohol – I use Green Cross 70% solution. I pat gently with cotton balls to clean her umbilical cord and navel. I suggest not to tie your baby’s umbilical cord for fast drying. The stump will just fall off about 2 weeks.
  4. Petroleum Jelly – I apply a small amount of this oil around the baby’s butt to prevent diaper rashes.
  5. Baby Oil – After the bath, I gently massage her cradle cap with Johnson’s baby oil. I also use a soft hairbrush to loosen the flakes. Her cradles started to show about 5 days since birth. Do not attempt to scratch to avoid rashes and infection. This will disappear in due time.
  6. Wipes – I don’t use a specific brand for this. Wipe is used when my baby poops. However, I wash her butt with running water when at home. I usually use it during our travel.
  7. Baby Lotion – Aveeno Baby lotion helps moisturize my baby’s skin. I apply this every after a bath. My baby smells fresh and kissable, of course!
  8. Liniment Oil – Don’t you ever forget to include Manzanilla in your baby kit. Mostly, babies are prone to gas pain. I have this ready all the time in case of gas pain discomfort. Before sleeping, I rub gently a generous amount of Manzanilla to my baby’s delicate tummy and head. Why I chose Manzanilla more than any other brand like Efficascent? simply it has mild menthol content.
  9. Baby Bath– Aside from Johnson’s baby bath, I use Lactacyd as an option. It is good to use for prickly heat and diaper rash.
  10. Cotton Buds – I remove ear wax from her outer ear not in the inner ear to avoid infections.
    Nail Clippers (for baby) – My baby fingernails grow fast, I carefully cut her nails.



  1. Crib – It is the most important thing for me, I feel at ease when my baby was put in a crib when I have to do other household chores.
  2. Mattress
  3. Two infant Pillows
  4. Mosquito Net
  5. Pillow Cases

Traveling Accessories:

  1. Baby Carrier
  2. Baby Bags with Many Compartments for bottles, etc
  3. Blankets (ones with the hood in the corner)
  4. Extra Clothes
  5. Powder, cologne, and infant’s milk


  • I have at least 5 bottle-fed of different sizes. The smallest which is 2-ounce/60ml of the bottle was used when my baby was a week old; 4-ounce/120ml of the bottle from 1mos.-3mos. and increased in ounce, as she gets older.
  • Baby plates, cups, and spoons are provided when she started to eat solid foods and drink water on her own.

Bathing Needs:

  1. Baby towels – I have bought two, smaller towels for her.
  2. Small basins
  3. Sponge or washcloth – Choose a smooth cloth to ensure that the baby’s skin will remain soft and smooth
  4. avoiding irritation.
  5. Toiletries –Use baby soap or top to toe wash, baby powder with powder puff case, cotton swabs, baby oil, alcohol, hairbrush, nail clipper, etc.
  6. A soft-bristled hairbrush


  1. Tie Side-Shirts
  2. Pajamas
  3. Mittens
  4. Bibs
  5. Socks
  6. Cap

For 3 weeks, you won’t need much more than diapers and wipes, rash cream, soap and lotion, lots of clothes and blankets, and somewhere for baby to sleep. Most people don’t recommend pumping until your supply has regulated around 8 weeks so unless you just really want someone else to feed your baby you don’t need bottles just yet.


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