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The 7 Best Fetal Doppler For Home Use Reviews

After the wedding, pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. The only thing pregnant women think about is their child, and how they can connect and build a bond with the baby.

One popular bonding method involves using the fetal Doppler wherein you can listen to your baby’s heart rate in the comfort of your home. Thought it is not medically necessary to have a heart rate monitor at home, pregnant women use it to feel closer, and build an early connection with their babies.

best fetal doppler for home use


Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic – Best Fetal Doppler

Listening to the sounds your baby makes is like music to a mommy’s ears!

Pregnant women consider listening to their baby’s sounds using the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Wusic complete bliss. The fetal Doppler lets you listen to baby heartbeat, kicking and even hiccupping, which in turn helps develop a strong bonding with the baby.

It is safe to use, and as it is compact in shape, it can be easily carried around and used wherever required. The Womb Music Monitor by Wusic comes with a free personalized Lullaby Album which includes your child’s name in the lyrics.

Womb Music lets you listen to your baby using the two provided ear bud sets. Not only you, you can also share the listening pleasure and experience with other family members. You can also record the sounds you hear on Womb Music to your computer for a timeless keepsake you can share with your baby when older.

If needed, you can always share the recorded sounds to friends and family far away via Social Media. Another unique use of Womb Music is using it to record Mommy’s heartbeat so that it can be played and used later on to soothe your new-born baby. It’s best used after the 16th week of pregnancy with liberal lubricating gel.


  • Lets you listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat, kicks and hiccups
  • Helps develop a bond between mother and child
  • Safe, compact, lightweight and easy to carry and use
  • Comes with a personalized lullaby album with your child’s name in lyrics
  • Ultra-clear audio sound with easy on/off volume control
  • Perfect gift for new parents with its two ear bud sets for both to simultaneously listen to the heartbeats
  • Has an easy on/off switch with adjustable volume control and clear audio sound
  • Includes ear buds, computer recording cable, splitter and 9 volt battery


  • Some find it difficult finding the baby’s heart beat.
  • Some complain it’s not possible to record sounds
  • Difficult to detect heartbeat in slightly obese women

Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Medi-K

The Heartbeat Baby Monitor by Medi-K can help reduce some of the stress of pregnancy. One thing that most expectant mothers worry about is if their unborn baby is doing fine or not. You can now keep a check on your baby using this AngelSounds fetal Doppler to listen to your baby’s heartbeats and know everything is okay!

This is a 100% safe and non-invasive device you can use to listen to your baby’s heartbeat. It’s easy to use; you just have to touch it to your belly and you can start listening to the different sounds your baby makes like kicks, hiccups and heartbeat.

The sounds are very audible, and can even be recorded for future use to let your child listen to it, or to let your loved one living elsewhere listen to your baby’s heartbeat. This baby heartbeat listener come with 2 jack ports so that both father and mother can listen to the heartbeats simultaneously using 2 sets of headphones.


  • Safe, easy to use and non-invasive heartbeat listener
  • It’s sound amplification module and 2nd generation sound sensor lets you listen to heartbeats from the 14th week of pregnancy
  • Two audio ports to use with two sets of headphones for both father and mother
  • PC recording option lets anyone from anywhere listen to the heartbeats anytime possible
  • Get a full refund without questions if you are not satisfied with the unit
  • Has a 5-year warranty
  • Includes 2 sets of headphones, 9V battery, PC recording cable and user manual


  • The accompanying battery is smaller than the slot
  • Headphones not the best quality

BundleTumble BabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier – Best Pocket Fetal Doppler

With the BundleTumbleBabyBlip Womb Baby Sound Amplifier with Dual Listening Capacity at home, you no longer have to wait for the next doctor’s visit to check on your little bundle! All you need to do is switch on the amplifier and apply it’s wand to your stomach and you can relax listening to your baby’s heartbeat, knowing everything is fine.

There’s nothing more entertaining to a mother-to-be than to hear her baby’s hiccups, movements, heartbeats and even tiniest reassuring rhythms through the fetal Doppler. You can share the happiness with your partner as the unit comes with two headphone jacks so that you can both simultaneously listen to your baby’s sounds.

The clean and crisp audio of the heartbeat monitor can also be recorded using it’s recording cable recording, to listen to your baby’s sweet sounds later on or to share it with family and friends.

The BabyBlip is not only easy to use, but is also aesthetically designed and compact and portable to use wherever required. The unit consists of easy-to-operate controls and also comes with indicator lights.


  • Effectively monitors and amplifies baby’s hiccups, heartbeats and more
  • Comes with recording cable attachment to record sounds to listen and share with others
  • Has two headset sockets for both partners to simultaneously listen to baby’s sounds
  • Has easy to use controls and indicator lights


  • Some complain the unit isn’t sensitive enough to pick up a baby’s heartbeat
  • Some complain the unit doesn’t work at all.

Prenatal/Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor

Looking for the perfect gift for the expecting mother? The SnuggBugg Prenatal/Fetal Heartbeat Baby Monitor should make the perfect gift! This is a portable fetal Doppler which the pregnant mother can use to listen to her baby’s heartbeats, kicking and hiccups.

The SnuggBugg lets you listen to the baby’s heartbeat as early as the 16th week of pregnancy. The unit comes with two pair of earphones so that both mother and father can simultaneously listen to, and enjoy the pleasant sounds their baby produces.

The unit comes with a headphone splitter, an ultrasonic gel to use while using the Doppler, and has a micro-USB cable to connect to your computer and record everything heard. You can then listen to the recordings later on, or to share with your friends and family through the social media.

Unlike most other baby heartbeat monitors, the SnuggBugg donates apart of its profits to Camp Firefly, a summer camp meant for terminally or seriously ill children and their families. So you not only get to listen to the baby’s heartbeats with the Doppler, but also get to help other babies!


  • Lets you listen to your baby’s hiccups, heartbeat and kicks as early as 16th week of pregnancy
  • Comes with two pairs of earphones for simultaneous pleasure of baby sounds
  • Micro-USB cable can be connected to the computer to record sounds to share with family and friends
  • The unit offers a 30-day full money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the prenatal heartbeat monitor.
  • Donates a part of their profits to a summer camp for terminally and seriously ill children
  • Includes two headphones, monitor with 9v battery, ultrasonic listening gel, Micro-USB cable and headphone splitter


  • Difficult to listen to baby’s heartbeat when compared to other units
  • No screen to see the baby’s heart rate
  • No instructions to use through the computer
  • Only picks up the placenta pulse and not the baby’s heartbeat

FIGERM Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier with Headphone for Home Use

Make your pregnancy an even more beautiful phase of your life with the Figerm Pocket Unborn Baby Sound Amplifier with Headphone. This is an all-in-one set heartbeat listener which lets you listen to your baby’s sounds like kicks, heartbeats, hiccups and movements.

The Figerm is not only compact and easy to use; it is also lightweight and has a lovely heart design. it has a very high sensitivity audio level which is why it can pick up your baby’s sounds even from the 14th to 16th weeks of pregnancy.

Though the fetal listener comes with only one headphone, it has two audio jack ports that fits all headphones. So you just have to use a second headphone and both mother and father can listen to and enjoy the sounds of their baby.

As the unit uses standard 3.5mm audio jacks, it can be used with your mobile device too. The unit also has a recording cable which you can connect to your computer to record your baby sounds and share with family or friends or listen to later when your child grows up!


  • Has a beautiful heart design
  • It’s high sensitivity levels produces better baby sounds like heartbeats, hiccup and kicks
  • Comes with a 9v battery, one pair of headphones, recording cable, 2 CDs, free gel and a manual
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • It’s audio jack output fits all headphones and provides for joined listening
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use


  • Some complain the probe didn’t function properly, which was quickly fixed by the seller and money refunded

Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor Listening Device

+ 1 Free Gel, Listen to and Record your Unborn Baby Sounds and Movement Ideal for Home Use

The Portable Pocket LCD Backlight Baby Monitor Listening Device helps create a stronger bond between the pregnant mother and baby. This is an easy to use ultrasonic monitor both mothers and health care professionals can use to retrieve and listen to the baby’s heart rate.

It’s portable and compact in design, making it convenient to carry and use wherever required. This baby monitor not only lets you listen to the baby’s heartbeat, but also see the baby’s heartbeat rate on its large backlight LCD display. The LCD display provides three modes- real-time FHD, average FHR and manual display modes.

The Doppler pregnancy monitor comes with built-in speakers that produce a clear and loud voice. it also has an interchangeable high sensibility waterproof probe that is so sensitive, it can detect the heart rate of even a 15 week baby.

The device’s battery power is maximized as the unit automatically shuts down if it is not used for more than a minute. It’s possible to calculate the baby’s heartbeat rate using one of three calculation modes- instant, 10 seconds average and manual.


  • Safe for both professionals and pregnant mothers to use
  • Small, compact and portable in design to carry wherever needed
  • Comes with a 3 MHz interchangeable, high-sensitive water resistant probe
  • Offers three heartbeat rate calculation modes
  • Displays the baby’s heartbeat rate on its large backlight LCD display
  • Has built-in loudspeaker and headphone socket which emits clear and loud voice
  • LCD display provides three heartbeat display modes
  • Automatically switches off after a minute of no signal


  • Some complain that they can rarely find the heart beat, which worries them more
  • Tends to pick up lots of interference noise

LANSOR Pocket 3MHz Probe Baby Monitor LCD Backlight, Listen to and Record your Unborn Baby Sounds and Movement

The Lansor pocket 3MHz Probe Baby Monitor LCD Backlight lets not only you the mother listen to your baby’s heartbeats, but also lets YOUR mother listen to it! You just have to use its probe to hear your baby’s movements, and with its recording cable connected to your computer, you can record all your hearings and share it with your mother.

The Lansor fetal Doppler is easy and convenient to use. it comes with a big LCD backlight FHR display so that you can also look at your baby’s heartbeat. The unit also produces high-fidelity, crystal clear sounds of your baby’s movements and activities.

The Lansor heartbeat monitor is light and portable and comes with a built-in speaker and adjustable volume control you can listen to your baby sounds not only through its built-in speaker, but also using earphones.

This personal sound amplification device boasts of a low ultrasound dosage and is ergonomically designed for comfort while listening to your baby’s sounds. Its carry bag makes it convenient to carry the unit to use to listen to your baby’s sounds wherever comfortable. The unit has an auto power off feature to save your battery power when not in use, and a battery indicator which indicates when it’s time to recharge the battery.


  • Portable and compact to carry in its carrying bag
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Recording cable lets you record your baby’s sounds
  • Big LCD backlight FHR display lets you watch your baby’s heartbeats
  • Produces crystal clear sounds
  • Listen to heartbeats through its built-in speaker or earphones
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Auto power off feature saves battery power
  • Battery indicator reminds when it’s time to recharge the unit


  • Some feel that the heart rate is not so accurate


Doppler fetal monitors are used for detecting and measuring your baby’s heart rate through the pregnancy and even spot potential health problems. It was originally available only through the OB/GYN, but is now available in a portable, easy to carry version for use at home. If you wonder where to buy a Doppler, it is easily available at the chemists’ or can be ordered online.

These machines emit and receive ultrasonic sound waves and it’s the changes in its wavelength that measures the heart beat. Though they are not as accurate as the more expensive models found in the doctor’s office, you can use it to feel more connected with your baby. However having a fetal heart rate monitor at home does not mean you can skip your regular doctor visits!


It works based on the ‘doppler’ effect which describes that the wavelength of wave energy travelling from two objects can change if one of the objects moves. The fetal Doppler’s wand or probe sends ultrasound waves into the lower belly which reflects from the baby.

This leads to a frequency change which the Doppler picks up and transforms into sound that you can listen to through speakers or earphones or seen as a heart rate if the fetal Doppler has a screen.

The fetal Doppler is useful for listening to the fetal heart rate, bowels, lungs and other human organs. It also tells if there’s something wrong with the baby, and if there’s no movement. Using a fetal Doppler is easy as you just have to apply ultrasound gel to the belly area in a blob without spreading it, and then touch the belly with its probe.

The probe has to be moved around till you hear a steady beat and make sure it is touching your skin at all times, without much pressure. The more gel that is used, the less static you hear. You have to start from the pubic bone and glide upwards to the belly button.

As it may be difficult to find the fetus at first, make sure you cover the entire stomach till you hear or see the heart rate. While it’s possible to use the machine while sitting or standing, lying down is the easiest.

The one drawback of using the fetal Doppler is that all movements in the body is translated into sound. This includes the baby’s kicks and hiccups, blood flowing in your arteries and even the air in your intestines. You need some patience and practice to distinguish the actual baby’s heartbeat from these other sounds.


Though most heartbeat monitor for pregnancy can detect the baby’s heart rate as early as 8 to 10 weeks, it’s better to wait till you are in the 12th week of pregnancy, when you can clearly hear the heartbeat. You may get worried and impatient trying to hear it before this.

Moreover, different factors determine how early a heartbeat can be heard in babies like the mother’s size as overweight women take longer because of their fat, and thus have to be more patient to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Even the fetus position determines how the baby’s heart beat is heard as the baby tends to flip in the uterus in the early pregnancy stages making it difficult for you to detect the heartbeat, and the fetus size.

You will be first surprised seeing your baby’s heart beat on the display screen as it will be about 120-180 beats per minute, which is much higher than you would have expected! However this is nothing to worry about as it is healthy for the fetal heartbeat to be higher than a healthy adult’s average heart rate of 60-100.

So if your device shows a heart beat in this range, it’s probably your, the mother’s heartbeat through veins and arteries that it is showing, and not the baby’s heartbeat! The baby’s heartbeat is quick, like galloping horses and may momentarily fade when your baby moves around and changes position.


Don’t start panicking if you can’t hear baby heart beat, as it does not mean something is wrong. It just means that you need some patience as the heartbeat may not be strong enough to be heard in the early pregnancy stages.

There is also the chance that the baby is not in a position for the fetal Doppler to pick up the heart rate, or the heartbeat may be camouflaged by other sounds like the mother’s heartbeat, static or stomach noises. So if you can’t hear the heart beat, try again after awhile or the next day. Moreover, it’s easier detecting the heartbeat in bigger babies.

Hearing two heartbeats may not mean you have twins! Sometimes you may hear the same heartbeat in two places during the later pregnancy stages. If you notice two heartbeats within 10 beats per minute of each other, it is a single baby.

It is only when the two heart beats are very different that you may be having twins, where it’s better undergoing an ultrasound to find out if you are actually expecting twins!


It’s safe to use a fetal Doppler on both mother and child for both professional and home use, without a prescription. It emits waves that are about 40 times lower than the waves an ultrasound machine emits. Moreover, while only trained people can perform an ultrasound, anyone can safely use a portable heartbeat monitor.

Though safe, the device cannot be used to reassure your pregnancy. So if you have any doubts and feel something is wrong, you have to immediately visit your doctor and not depend on the heartbeat monitor.


Besides letting you safely listen to your baby’s doppler baby heartbeat there are also these few other reasons to buy a fetal heart monitor.

Safe and easy to use
Baby heart beat monitors are easy to use; you just have to apply a special conductive gel on your stomach, and then and apply the probe on it. Doppler technology creates a stimulation of your baby’s heartbeat which you can easily hear on speakers or headphones.

Reduces the stress of pregnancy
As a fetal heart monitor lets mothers ‘check’ their baby often, they feel more relaxed and at peace of mind regarding the baby’s physical development. It is especially useful in the early stages of pregnancy where you can hear his or her heartbeat and know they are okay before you start feeling your baby’s first kicks.

Involves your partner in the pregnancy
Fathers do not feel so connected with the baby during the pregnancy phase. It is however possible to include him in important milestones of the baby’s development like listening to the baby’s heartbeat at the first prenatal visit and feeling the baby’s first kicks.

The heartbeat Doppler is therefore perfect for busy dads who cannot accompany you to your prenatal appointments to connect and bond with the baby but can still create and maintain close bonds with their baby using a heart beat monitor.

Siblings find it easier adjusting to the baby
The arrival of a new baby is both exciting and challenging especially for siblings-to-be. One of the best ways to help your child adjust and avoid potential sibling rivalry is to let them see and hear the new baby as many times as possible during the pregnancy state.

Let your child know and feel the presence of the baby child so that they are mentally prepared for their future role as an elder sibling. As it is not practical taking your child to your prenatal or ultrasound appointments, a fetal heart monitor lets the sibling-to-be safely listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Tips for using the home fetal Doppler

You need some training to properly use the baby heart beat device to ensure you can distinguish your baby’s heartbeat from other movements in the body. Here are some tips for using the monitor:

  • You need to ask your doctor or a trained medical practitioner to teach you how to correctly hear sounds.
  • If you plan to buy a monitor at home, make sure you buy a good quality one that gives accurate readings.
  • You need some accessories like gel and towels while using the monitor. It is always better to buy the approved and recommended products to avoid potential complications. Having a towel nearby is useful as it makes cleaning easier.
  • It is easier hearing the baby on a full bladder as it brings your uterus up, and out of the pelvic cavity. Most mothers vouch its easier hearing the baby’s heartbeat first thing in the morning as the body is least bloated.
  • Make sure the probe is cleaned after each use to prevent unnecessary build-up. You can easily clean it by switching off the device and using 70% ethanol to wipe the probe and then let it air dry. You can also use a clean and dry cloth to clean the surface; but make sure you do not submerge it in water or any cleaning solution.
  • Contact your doctor or midwife immediately if you think that there are changes in your baby’s movements.
  • Remember, the Doppler should never be used for reassuring your child’s condition.
  • The fetal Doppler should never be overused. It should be used for no longer than 10 minutes per setting. Supposing you have been trying to locate your baby’s heartbeat for about ten minutes and still can’t find it, then you have to take a break. It is suggested to use the monitor infrequently and in short intervals, only after the first trimester of pregnancy.


No matter if you want to buy a fetal Doppler for yourself or as a gift for a pregnant friend, you need to know that
there are many kinds to choose from, in various shapes, sizes, rates and features. There are various things you should look out for in these heartbeat monitors like probe type, heart rate display, probe frequency and Smartphone adaptability before finally buying one. Some can even get linked to Smartphone to download and store information and even project ultrasounds through the Smartphone.

As it is not easy choosing the best baby heartbeat monitor, this buying guide has been compiled with the important features you have to look out for in your monitor.

This is obviously important as you should be able to afford the heartbeat monitor. This is because Doppler range from anywhere around $10 for basic stethoscopes to thousands of dollars for a medical grade unit.

It is thus better to fix your budget before you go about hunting for your Doppler. Go through the different features in different models and choose your device based on the required features and budget.

Ease of use
Make sure the fetal Doppler you choose is easy to use and gives accurate results. There is no point in buying a complicated device as it will only be a waste of money if you don’t know how to use it.

It’s always good to buy electronic devices that come with a warranty, including a heartbeat monitor. The warranty protects against any defects that may occur during the production process. You may thus receive a replacement if the defect of the monitor is a manufacture defect.

If you do not want any complicated devices to use to listen to your baby sounds, you can always use a stethoscope or basic monitoring device. However if you want, and are interested in using a device with the latest technology, then you can invest in a battery-powered model with multiple settings.

Find out what accessories your Doppler comes with so that you don’t end up buying unnecessary accessories. Check if the Doppler comes with a built-in speaker or ear buds for your listening pleasure. If you plan to use the Doppler while performing daily tasks, it should have a belt that is comfortable and fits well. While most Doppler monitors do come with batteries, gel and cases there are also some that do not.

The fetal monitor you choose should be able to monitor the fetal heart rates that ranges between a minimum of 50 to 210 beats per minute. The heartbeats are generated through a speaker or headphones to use for private or shared listening as intended.

Power controls
The unit should have power on/off switches and also let you make adjustments to the volume as needed.

Rechargeable batteries
Choose a battery-operated fetal doppler baby heart monitor that runs on rechargeable batteries as it reduces your working costs in the long run as you need not repeatedly buy batteries for the device. The rechargeable batteries should also provide a minimum of 8 hours of operation when fully charged, and should get charged when connected to an electrical outlet.

Low-battery indicator
If you choose a battery powered baby heart rate monitor, make sure it has a clear low-battery indicator on its outside to let you know when the battery needs recharging. Moreover, the indicator tells you if the charger is correctly plugged into an AC outlet and the unit is charging.

Safety and usage
The product you intend to buy has to conform to safety standards. Go through its instruction booklet to find out how you should interpret the baby’s heartbeats. Doing it the wrong way may only lead to your not being able to hear heartbeats and only creates unnecessary tension and uneasiness.

While most units come with the appropriate gel to use with the Doppler, some don’t. If it doesn’t make sure you use only gel meant for use for ultrasound purposes. Don’t risk using any other form of gels or oils as it may trigger excess static and in the process, damage the pregnancy Doppler probe.

Battery charger and kit
If the heartbeat monitor baby you buy runs on rechargeable batteries, it’s better if it the unit includes a charger and a battery charger kit.


While fetal Doppler is safe, some doctors are not so happy with expecting mothers using it to listen to your baby’s heartbeat at home. This is because they are worried that mothers may listen to their baby’s heartbeat and think that everything is okay even when the child may need attention. They thus delay at seeking help form medical professionals as they get reassured listening to the sounds heard on the Doppler.

This is why it is very important that you remember that a baby Doppler does not in any way replace a doctor’s advice about the child’s progress. It is not a substitute for any professional advice or diagnosis. This is why FDA recommends using the fetal Doppler under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare professional if indicated for the benefit of both mother and child.


So now you know that a pocket fetal Doppler, is indeed safe to use, and the only risk it poses is the way you use it, like using it for more than 10 minutes at a go. Moreover, parents-to-be should always remember that the fetal Doppler should not be relied on as a device that reassures the unborn child’s condition as only your doctor can ascertain this.

If you want to bond with your child, you now know you can do it using a fetal Doppler. However you may not know which one to buy as there are so many types and models in the market today. This is why these few fetal Doppler reviews have been compiled for you to take a look at and make your final decision about buying the best fetal Doppler!